Friday , 1 July 2022

West Ham Investigates The Salah’s Racist Abuse Claim

West Ham United is investigating the claim of racist abuse which had been aimed at Mohamed Salah, the forward player of Liverpool during the Premier League draw by 1–1 at London Stadium. 

There had been a video on social media where one could hear the racial slurs which were being directed to the twenty-six-year-old players while he took his corner. The person how had posted the video has written that he went to the Liverpool vs. West Ham match and he had been utterly disgusted by what he got to hear. According to him, people like doesn’t deserve a place in the society leave aside football matches. The Metropolitan Police has stated in an email that officers are going to check out the footage of the match. Also, a West Ham spokesperson made a statement saying that there is a zero tolerance policy for any kind of abusive or violent behavior. He has added that they are an inclusive football club. Irrespective of their race, age, belief, and religion, civil partnership, sex, maternity, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, everybody is welcomed to the London Stadium. He goes on to say that if some person is committing any offense is going to have the details passed to the police and is going to face a lifelong ban from the stadium. Such kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated in London Stadium. Salah had been named the Players of the Year by PFA after he had scored forty-four goals for Liverpool in every competition previous season. Source:

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