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Wayne Rooney, pictured with son Kai and wife Coleen

Wayne Rooney Salary 2014 Per Month Week, Day, Hour, Minute

Salary of Wayne Rooney in Pounds and Indian Rupees is calculated and now we are sharing it with you. Wayne Rooney is a footballer who is known as one of the most highest paid footballers. After signing a new contract with his current club Manchester United, Wayne Rooney now earns £300,000 per week which makes him the highest paid athlete in England. he twenty years old football player was seeking a new challenge, wanted to be loved and treated as the central figure again following his final, wasted season under Ferguson.

Wayne Rooney Salary Per Week

Wayne Rooney, pictured with son Kai and wife Coleen With his new contract, the player is now earning 300,000 pounds per week which means he is earning 12,00,000 pounds per month. This is an astonishing amount of for anyone to be paid for kicking around a ball which is just designed to do so. This wage is not being paid from taxes. Rather, it will generate a healthy sum for he Inland Revenue. Nor will it come from investors misled into subscribing to dodgy schemes by city fat cats. When Rooney joined Man United in August 2004, he was signed with a transfer fee of nearly 6 times less as compared to that of his current amount. It means he was signed with total amount of £50,000 per week. Before Manchester United, he was playing for Everton football club which rejected the £20 million contract of Newcastle United. After few weeks, the contract was raised to £25.6 million which was highest than any other player under 20 years old. Read also: Lionel Messi Salary

Salary of Wayne Rooney Per Day & Minute

Now, if you convert this much of amount in per day, then you will find that his salary per day is £42,000. On 21st of February 2014, he signed a contract extension with Manchester United, which will keep him at his current club until 2019. After departure of Nemanja Vidic, he was named as the captain of Manchester United for the season 2014–15. Since football is very much part of the entertainment industry, there is no logical reason to differentiate between its own players and pop singers and film stars. According to recent surveys, it was revealed that Wayne Rooney brings more pleasure to the world than Justin Bieber. If the club is paying huge amount of money, then naturally they wants perfect performance from him. Although the player played well few season, but he has not that much dominance as like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who are all times favorites of football. Hopefully, Rooney will realize that such discipline is as good for him as for hos generous paymasters and that it is time to deliver. Per Week: £300,000 [Rs.3 Crore approx.] Per Day: £42,857 [Rs. 43,52,000 approx] Per Hour: £1,785 [Rs.1,81,000 approx.] Per Minute: £30 [Rs. 3,046 approx.] Read also: Cristiano Ronaldo Salary per moth

Girls Reaction at Wayne Rooney’s Salary

Fans of Wayne Rooney become shocked when they came to know about his per week income. Given below video will describe you how the girls reacted after knowing his per week income. Watch this video and enjoy.

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