Thursday , 13 August 2020
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Waddle: Doherty will Surely do Well at Top 6 Club

Chris Waddle, the former England international has predicted that the Matt Doherty, the Wolves wing-back is going to succeed in the Premier League’s top 6 clubs. Wolves have enjoyed a great season after they had been promoted in the last season from Champions and moved on to the final fixture. This had been a trip to confront Liverpool and they have managed to secure the 7th place.


Doherty, the defender from the Republic of Ireland has proved to be a revelation for the side of Nuno Espirito Santo as he scored 8 goals and offered 8 assists in all the competitions. In fact, he also featured in the Premier League fixtures of Midland Outfit.

Recently when Waddle had been asked if the twenty-seven-year-old player is going to make a place for himself in the top 6 clubs, he said that he is sure about that. Albeit, the former Marseille and Spurs winger also made a point saying that Doherty needs to play a different role if he is planning to leave Molineux.

He says that he saw Doherty play as a full back and he has watched him enough as a full back. According to him, he does a great job. He says that he is sure that is will perform well right-back in four.

A lot of teams play in four. Some teams tend to juggle the old games and feel that they are a better team and play 3 at the back. However, Wolves play 3 all the time and thus; he can get the best out of him.


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