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UEFA Team of the Year 2013 Players Announced

UEFA Team of the Year 2013 Players Announced

After the announce­ment of Bal­lon D’or win­ner 2013, the UEFA team of the year 2013 also revealed on 15 Janu­ary 2014. Now we have new team of the year in which some new play­ers are also there which are voted in max­im­um num­ber from all over the world. Max­im­um num­ber of votes are received from Europe & min­im­um num­ber of votes are recor­ded from Ocean­ia by users. So con­tin­ue to read for UEFA team of year, the team is full of bril­liance.

UEFA Team of the year 2013

From all over world, total num­ber of 6,310,237 votes were recor­ded by UEFA from users. From Europe max­im­um num­ber of votes i.e. 66% votes are recor­ded. Once again, max­im­um num­ber of Ger­man club Bay­ern Munich play­ers are there in this list. From Bay­ern Munich, 4 play­ers are in team of the year. Giv­en below is the team

Manuel Neuer




Voting According to Fans to Their Favorites

The Span­ish club Real Mad­rid CF got max­im­um num­ber of votes [15%] fol­lowed by anoth­er Span­ish club which is FC Bar­celona [12%]. Both clubs are the best favor­ites of Europe. At the third spot, there is a Ger­man club which called FC Bay­ern Munich [11%]. At 4th & 5th spot there 2 Eng­lish clubs which are Manchester United FC [6%] & Arsen­al [4%] votes.

The age group of 18 to 24 years people took max­im­um interest of vot­ing & UEFA 49 % of vot­ing from this age group. People of age above 50 years also voted for their favor­ite play­ers & 1% them voted in this vot­ing.

Real Mad­rid CF800,452 Votes [15%]
FC Bar­celona632, 133 Votes [12%]
FC Bay­ern Munich590,999 Votes [11%]
Manchester United FC318,624 Votes [6%]
Arsen­al FC217,406 Votes [4%]
Below 18 years22% Voters
18–24 years49% Voters
25–34 years22% Voters
35–50 years6% Voters
50 Above01% Voters

Total Votes to Players of 2013 UEFA Team of year

UEFA team of the yeay 2013
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This year, the cap­tain of Ger­many Nation­al Foot­ball team & Bay­ern Munich, Phil­ipp Lahm got max­im­um num­ber of votes. Phil­ipp Lahm got 78% of votes fol­lowed by the FIFA Bal­lon D’or 2013 win­ner Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo who received 73 % votes. Lahm got 444,252 total votes as a defend­er. UEFA is now look­ing for cap­tain of this year & you can sug­gest for cap­tain of the year. Giv­en below is list of all votes received by the play­ers.

Play­er NameNation­al TeamCur­rent ClubTotal Votes
Manuel NeuerGer­manyFC Bay­ern Munich372,148 [65%]
Phil­ipp LahmGer­manyFC Bay­ern Munich444,252 [78%]
Thi­ago SilvaBrazilPar­is Saint Ger­main359,349 [63%]
Ser­gio RamosSpainReal Mad­rid CF273,210 [48%]
Dav­id AlabaAus­triaFC Bay­ern Munich360,535 [63%]
Gareth BaleWalesReal Mad­rid CF279,468 [49%]
Marco ReusGer­manyBor­us­sia Dortmund231,064 [40%]
Mesut OzilGer­manyArsen­al FC389,253 [67%]
Franck RiberyFranceFC Bay­ern Munich398,843 [70%]
Zlatan IbrahimovicSwedenPar­is Saint Ger­main256,007 [45%]
Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldoPor­tugalReal Mad­rid CF420,391 [73%]

From Europe 66% votes are recor­ded where­as 15% from Asia, fol­lowed by 8% of South Amer­ica, 5% of North Amer­ica & Africa. The remain­ing 1% of votes are of Ocean­ia. This is the UEFA team of the year selec­ted by the vot­ing of users. If you have any query, then feel free to both­er us. Just men­tion it on com­ment box below.

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