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UEFA Team of the Year 2013 Players Announced

UEFA Team of the Year 2013 Players Announced

After the announcement of Ballon D’or winner 2013, the UEFA team of the year 2013 also revealed on 15 January 2014. Now we have new team of the year in which some new players are also there which are voted in maximum number from all over the world. Maximum number of votes are received from Europe & minimum number of votes are recorded from Oceania by users. So continue to read for UEFA team of year, the team is full of brilliance.

UEFA Team of the year 2013

From all over world, total number of 6,310,237 votes were recorded by UEFA from users. From Europe maximum number of votes i.e. 66% votes are recorded. Once again, maximum number of German club Bayern Munich players are there in this list. From Bayern Munich, 4 players are in team of the year. Given below is the team


Manuel Neuer






Voting According to Fans to Their Favorites

The Spanish club Real Madrid CF got maximum number of votes [15%] followed by another Spanish club which is FC Barcelona [12%]. Both clubs are the best favorites of Europe. At the third spot, there is a German club which called FC Bayern Munich [11%]. At 4th & 5th spot there 2 English clubs which are Manchester United FC [6%] & Arsenal [4%] votes.

The age group of 18 to 24 years people took maximum interest of voting & UEFA 49 % of voting from this age group. People of age above 50 years also voted for their favorite players & 1% them voted in this voting.

Real Madrid CF 800,452 Votes [15%]
FC Barcelona 632, 133 Votes [12%]
FC Bayern Munich 590,999 Votes [11%]
Manchester United FC 318,624 Votes [6%]
Arsenal FC 217,406 Votes [4%]
Below 18 years 22% Voters
18-24 years 49% Voters
25-34 years 22% Voters
35-50 years 6% Voters
50 Above 01% Voters

Total Votes to Players of 2013 UEFA Team of year

UEFA team of the yeay 2013
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This year, the captain of Germany National Football team & Bayern Munich, Philipp Lahm got maximum number of votes. Philipp Lahm got 78% of votes followed by the FIFA Ballon D’or 2013 winner Cristiano Ronaldo who received 73 % votes. Lahm got 444,252 total votes as a defender. UEFA is now looking for captain of this year & you can suggest for captain of the year. Given below is list of all votes received by the players.

Player Name National Team Current Club Total Votes
Manuel Neuer Germany FC Bayern Munich 372,148 [65%]
Philipp Lahm Germany FC Bayern Munich 444,252 [78%]
Thiago Silva Brazil Paris Saint Germain 359,349 [63%]
Sergio Ramos Spain Real Madrid CF 273,210 [48%]
David Alaba Austria FC Bayern Munich 360,535 [63%]
Gareth Bale Wales Real Madrid CF 279,468 [49%]
Marco Reus Germany Borussia Dortmund 231,064 [40%]
Mesut Ozil Germany Arsenal FC 389,253 [67%]
Franck Ribery France FC Bayern Munich 398,843 [70%]
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden Paris Saint Germain 256,007 [45%]
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Real Madrid CF 420,391 [73%]

From Europe 66% votes are recorded whereas 15% from Asia, followed by 8% of South America, 5% of North America & Africa. The remaining 1% of votes are of Oceania. This is the UEFA team of the year selected by the voting of users. If you have any query, then feel free to bother us. Just mention it on comment box below.

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