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UEFA EURO 2016 Mascot Unveiled

The Union of European Football Association have unveiled the mascot for UEFA Euro 2016. On 18 November 2014 [Tuesday], the mascot was revealed during a friendly match between host nation France and Sweden. The name of this mascot yet to be finalized. The governing body of UEFA have selected three names out of which final name will be annoucned based on public votes. So check out the pictures and images of mascot for Euro 2016.

Images of Euro 2016 Mascot

Images of Euro 2016 mascot

mascot of euro 2016

UEFA Euro 2016 mascot

Vote for name of Euro 2016 Mascot

The logo is an ordinary kid who was born in France. As France in organizing this competition, the uniform of mascot is also featured likes of France home team kit featuring blue jersey and white shorts. He is also wearing a red cape just like Superman. He is also wearing white colored cleats on which black colored dots are marked. His name is written on red cape.

According to UEFA officials, his father used to be a good footballer and, since a very young age, he have always loved playing football with my friends. He saw a mysterious chest from which he got a red cape, new football boots and UEFA Euro 2016 ball.

This mascot is featured with some super powers like his super cool red cape enables him to fly high into the sky at a very fast speed. The magic boots are designed for great skills and he can even invent new tricks.

The main motive of Euro 2016 mascot is to have fun with all football fans from all over the world and celebrate the art of football. This is why he will be traveling throughout the France and around the world, to bring fun and happiness to people.

Name of Euro 2016 mascot is not revealed. To finalize its name, UEFA have conducted a voting based on which final name of the mascot will be selected. Fans can vote for name of Euro 2016 mascot on UEFA’s official website. You can help UEFA committee to select his name from these three names.


Name of mascot will be revealed on 30 November 2014 after completion of voting. So vote for the new name of Euro 2016 mascot now.

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