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UEFA Champions league theme song at wedding
Marcos & Neus During their wedding

Bride Gifts Champions League Song To Her Husband During Wedding

What will you gift to your new partner when you are marrying? It could be a tough question for some people, but one bride didn’t find any difficulty of selecting the best gift for her husband. A couple of Catalan who introduced themselves as Marcos and Neus enjoyed one of the best moment of their life at its best. Read the full story here.

UEFA Champions League Theme At Wedding

UEFA Champions league theme song at wedding
Marcos & Neus During their wedding
A couple hired the Renaissance Choir of Sant Boi de Llobregat to perform the hyms. The bride told the choir to play the theme song of UEFA Champions League for her husband who is fan of Barcelona. Her husband was not aware of this surprise. At the beginning of song, he smiles at his blushing bride before doing a couple of hat-tipping gestures to an usher. After few minutes of the first crescendo, he turned to camera, holding his fist and expressed his feelings. At the end, the groom leads a standing ovation for the choir all of whom were clearly in on the joke, judging by their own broad smiles. Later, they uploaded this video on most popular online video website i.e. YouTube. The video was uploaded on on 25th of March 2012. It is now declared as a hit video and collected more than 1.3 million views. Watch this video below. This Anthem of UEFA Champions league is one of the most prestigious anthems of football sport. The anthem was adopted in 1992. G F Handel was the founder & it was arranged in English language by Tony Britten. The Chorus of Anthem is played before each match of the tournament and at the end of television broadcasts matches. Read more about this song: UEFA Champions League anthem lyrics So how much you like this way of celebrating a wedding?

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