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UCL 2015-16 Schedule Indian Standard Time

UEFA Champions League Fixtures In IST [Indian Standard Time]

UEFA Champions League Fixtures In IST [Indian Standard Time]: Here is the full schedule of UEFA Champions League according to Indian dates and time. The biggest European competition is back with top 32 teams from all over the Europe who will compete for the trophy. All thirty two football clubs are divided into eight groups having four groups each. From now, ever team will play two games [home and away] against their respective group rivals and the top two will advance for the round of 16.

Teams: Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Benfica, Paris Saint Germain, Zenit Saint Petersburg, PSV Eindhoven, Manchester City, Bayern Leverkusen, Valencia, Manchester United, Arsenal, Porto, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sevilla, Lyon, Dynamo Kyiv, Olympiacos, CSKA Moscow, Galatasaray, AS Roma, Astana, Malmo FF, Gent CC, Maccabi Tel, Dinamo Zagreb, Wolfsburg, Borussia Monchengladbach, BATE Borisov.

UEFA Champions League 2015-16 IST Fixtures

UEFA Champions League 2015–16 Fixtures In IST

Before the draw, all teams were seeded in four pots having eight teams. Defending champions of respective domestic leagues were seeded in first pot followed by second place winners at second pot. This means champions of one league will not face champions of other league in group stage games. You can also say that every group stage is featured with one winner, one runner-ups, one third place and fourth place team.

Benfica vs Astana16 Sept12:15 am
VFL Wolfsburg vs CSKA Moscow16 Sept12:15 am
Manchester City vs Juventus16 Sept12:15 am
Paris Saint Germain vs Malmo16 Sept12:15 am
Sevilla vs Monchengladbach16 Sept12:15 am
Real Madrid vs Shakhtar Donetsk16 Sept12:15 am
PSV Eindhoven vs Man United16 Sept12:15 am
Galatasaray vs Atletico Madrid16 Sept12:15 am
Gent vs Lyon17 Sept12:15 am
AS Roma vs Barcelona17 Sept12:15 am
Olympiacos vs Bayern Munich17 Sept12:15 am
Dynamo vs Kyiv17 Sept12:15 am
Chelsea vs Maccabi Tel Aviv17 Sept12:15 am
Bayer Leverkusen vs Bate17 Sept12:15 am
GNK Dinamo vs Arsenal17 Sept12:15 am
Valencia vs Zenit17 Sept12:15 am
Zenit vs Gent30 Sept12:15 am
Bayern Munich vs GNK Dinamo30 Sept12:15 am
Porto vs Chelsea30 Sept12:15 am
Barcelona vs Bayer Leverkusen30 Sept12:15 am
Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Dynamo Kyiv30 Sept12:15 am
Lyon vs Valencia30 Sept12:15 am
Arsenal vs Olympiacos30 Sept12:15 am
Astana vs Galatasaray30 Sept9:30 pm
Man United vs VFL Wolfsburg1 Oct12:15 am
Monchengladbach vs Manchester City1 Oct12:15 am
Shakhtar Donetsk vs Paris Saint Germain1 Oct12:15 am
Juventus vs Sevilla1 Oct12:15 am
Atletico Madrid vs Benfica1 Oct12:15 am
Malmo vs Real Madrid1 Oct12:15 am
CSKA Moscow vs PSV Eindhoven1 Oct12:15 am
Zenit vs Lyon20 Oct9:30 pm
Valencia vs Gent21 Oct12:15 am
Bayer Leverkusen vs AS Roma21 Oct12:15 am
Arsenal vs Bayern Munich21 Oct12:15 am
Porto vs Maccabi Tel Aviv21 Oct12:15 am
Dynamo vs Kyiv vs Chelsea21 Oct12:15 am
GNK Dinamo vs Olympiacos21 Oct12:15 am
Bate vs Barcelona21 Oct12:15 am
Atletico Madrid vs Astana22 Oct12:15 am
VFL Wolfsburg vs PSV Eindhoven22 Oct12:15 am
Manchester City vs Sevilla22 Oct12:15 am
Paris Saint Germain vs Real Madrid22 Oct12:15 am
Juventus vs Monchengladbach22 Oct12:15 am
Galatasaray vs Benfica22 Oct12:15 am
Malmo vs Shakhtar Donetsk22 Oct12:15 am
CSKA Moscow vs Man United22 Oct12:15 am
Zenit vs Valencia24 Nov10:30 pm
BATE vs Bayer Leverkusen24 Nov10:30 pm
Arsenal vs Dinamo Zagreb25 Nov1:15 am
Barcelona vs AS Roma25 Nov1:15 am
Bayern Munich vs Olympiacos25 Nov1:15 am
Porto vs Dynamo KyivLyon vs Gent25 Nov1:15 am
M. Tel Aviv vs Chelsea25 Nov1:15 am
Astana vs Benfica25 Nov8:30 pm
CSKA Moscow vs Wolfsburg25 Nov10:30 pm
Malmo vs Paris Saint Germain26 Nov1:15 am
Monchengladbach vs Sevilla26 Nov1:15 am
Juventus vs Man City26 Nov1:15 am
Atletico Madrid vs Galatasaray26 Nov1:15 am
Man United vs PSV Eindhoven26 Nov1:15 am
Shakhtar vs Real Madrid26 Nov1:15 am
Man City vs Monchengladbach9 Dec1:15 am
Wolfsburg vs Man United9 Dec1:15 am
Real Madrid vs Malmo9 Dec1:15 am
Sevilla vs Juventus9 Dec1:15 am
Galatasaray vs Astana9 Dec1:15 am
Paris Saint Germain vs Shakhtar Donetsk9 Dec1:15 am
PSV Eindhoven vs CSKA Moscow9 Dec1:15 am
Benfica vs Atletico Madrid9 Dec1:15 am
Olympiacos vs Arsenal10 Dec1:15 am
Gent vs Zenit10 Dec1:15 am
Roma vs BATE10 Dec1:15 am
Bayer vs Barcelona10 Dec1:15 am
Dynamo Kyiv vs M Tel-Aviv10 Dec1:15 am
Valencia vs Lyon10 Dec1:15 am
Chelsea vs Porto10 Dec1:15 am
Dinamo Zagreb vs Bayern Munich10 Dec1:15 am
Round of 16
PSG vs Chelsea16 Feb1:15 am
Benfica vs Zenit16 Feb1:15 am
Gent vs Wolfsburg18 Feb1:15 am
Roma vs Real Madrid18 Feb1:15 am
Arsenal vs Barcelona24 Feb1:15 am
Juventus vs Bayern Munich24 Feb1:15 am
PSV Eindhoven vs Atletico Madrid25 Feb1:15 am
Dynamo Kyiv vs Man City25 Feb1:15 am
Wolfsburg vs Gent9 Mar1:15 am
Real Madrid vs Roma9 Mar1:15 am
Zenit vs Benfica9 Mar1:15 am
Chelsea vs Paris SG10 Mar1:15 am
Quarter Finals [1st Leg]
Barcelona Vs Atletico Madrid6 Apr12:15 am
Bayern Munich vs Benfica6 Apr12:15 am
Paris Saint Germain Vs Man City7 Apr12:15 am
Wolfsburg Vs Real Madrid7 Apr12:15 am
Quarter Finals [2nd Leg]
Man City Vs Paris Saint Germain13 Apr12:15 am
Real Madrid Vs Wolfsburg13 Apr12:15 am
Benfica Vs Bayern Munich14 Apr12:15 am
Atletico Madrid Vs Barcelona14 Apr12:15 am
Semi Final [1st leg]
Man City vs Real Madrid26 Apr12:15 am
Atletico Madrid Vs Bayern Munich27 Apr12:15 am
2nd Leg
Bayern Munich vs Atletico Madrid3 May12:15 am
Real Madrid Vs Man City4 May12 :15 am
Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid28 May2:45 pm

Champions League 2015–16 Round of 16 IST Schedule

After the group stage, the tournament will follow the same procedure which is commonly known as knockout phase. It is also known as round of 16 in which each team play two matches against their rivals. For the round of 16, the draw will be held on 14th of December 2015.

On 16, 17, 23 and 24, the first leg of round of 16 games will be played, whereas, its second leg will be held on 8, 9, 15 and 16 March 2016.

UEFA Champions League 15–16 Quarter Finals IST Fixtures

UCL 2015-16 Schedule Indian Standard Time

Top best eight clubs will qualify for the last 8 round, also known as quarter finals. Two matches [home and away] will be played between two teams. Its draw will be held on 15th of April 2016. First leg is scheduled for 5th and 6th April and second leg is scheduled for 12th and 13th April 2016.

UCL 2015–16 Semi Final Fixtures In IST

Draw for the semi final round will be held on 15th of April 2016. First leg semi finals will be played on 26 and 27 April 2016. Return leg are scheduled for 3rd and 4th of May 2016.

Final: The final will be played on 28 May 2016 at the San Siro Stadium, the hone ground of AC Milan.

So these are the fixtures of UEFA Champions League according to Indian Standard Time.

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