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Tostao: Neymar Will Be Better Than Ronaldinho

Former Brazilian footballer Tostao believes that Neymar will be better than Ronaldinho. The 1970 FIFA World Cup winner thinks Neymar has the ability to go beyond even Ronaldinho. Neymar is enjoying another great season with Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. The Spanish trio is currently the best trio in football world. His side Barcelona are leading the La Liga, qualified for the final of Copa del Rey and one win or draw away from making it to the quarter final of Champions League 2015-16.

Neymar during Barcelona training

Tostao: Neymar Will Be Better Than Ronaldinho

Tostao told to Cadena SER that “I have no doubt he will be better than Ronaldinho, because he is more capable. Ronaldinho only had three good years. If he had played over 10 years, like Messi, at a really high level, we would discuss if he’s at the height of Neymar, but he lasted three years and Neymar has five.”

But Neymar will not be the greatest ever footballer of Brazil, said Tostao. “Pele had all the virtues that a footballer should have in his position.”

“He was very strong, he shot with his right, with his lest, he was spectacular in the air, he had a lot of goals, he was the most complete player of all time. Neymar has the chance to be the second best player in the history of Brazilian football, but it’s difficult to imagine he could overtake Pele.”

So far in this season of La Liga, Neymar has scored 18 goals in 25 games. Do you think Neymar can become better than Ronaldinho?

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