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top 50 richest sports teams in the world 2014

Top 50 Richest / Valuable Sports Teams of 2014 List

Forbes has revealed the list of top 50 richest sports teams of 2014. Once again football is maintained at the top position in the list of most valuable sports teams. The latest ranking of World’s most richest sports teams is featured with football right on top of the table. Last year, Spanish club Real Madrid were the number one in terms of revenue. So which team is the most richest in the year of 2014. Just scroll down & find you answer.

Top 50 Richest Sports Teams in The World 2014

top 50 richest sports teams in the world 2014 One more time, Spanish giant Real Madrid is the number team of World in terms of revenue. The total value of this club is $3.44 billion. Los Blancos qualified for the semi finals of last 4 UEFA Champions league 4th time in a row. They are the current champions of Champions league as well as Copa del Rey.

No. Team Revenue Owner
1 Real Madrid $3.44 billion Club members
2 Barcelona $3.2 billion Club members
3 Manchester United $2.81 billion Glazer family
4 New York Yankees $2.05 billion Steinbrenner family
5 Dallas Cowboys $2.03 billion Jerry Jones
6 Los Angeles Dodgers $2.00 billion Guggenheim Baseball
7 Bayern Munich $1.85 billion Club members
8 New England Patriots $1.08 billion Robert Kraft
9 Washington Redskins $1.07 billion Daniel Snyder
10 New York Giants $1.55 billion John Mara, Steven Tisch
11 Boston Red Sox $1.50 billion Hogan Henry, Thomas Werner
12 Houston Texans $1.45 billion Robert McNair
13 New York Knicks $1.04 billion Madison Square Garden
14 New York Jets $1.38 billion Robert Wood Johnson
15 Los Angeles Lakers $1.35 billion Jerry Buss family
16 Arsenal $1.33 billion E. Stanley Kroenke
17 Philadelphia $1.31 billion Jeffrey Lurie
18 Chicago Bears $1.25 billion McCaskey family
19 Baltimore Ravens $1.22 billion Stephen Bisciotti
20 San Francisco 49ers $1.22 billion Denise Debartolo York
21 Chicago Cubs $1.02 billion Ricketts family
22 Ferrari $1.02 billion Fiat Group
23 Indianapolis Colts $1.02 billion James Irsay
24 Green Bay Packers $1.18 billion Shareholder-owned
25 Denver Bronocs $1.61 billion Patrick Bowlen
26 Toronto Maple Leafs $1.15 billion Bell Canada
27 Pittsburgh Steelers $1.11 billion Daniel Rooney
28 Seattle Sea-hawks $1.08 billion Paul Allen
29 Miami Dolphins $1.07 billion Stephen Ross
30 Tampa Bay Buccanceers $1.06 billion Glazer family
31 Carolina Panthers $1.05 billion Jerry Richardson, Carolina PSLFC
32 Tennessee Titans $1.05 billion Kenneth Adams family
33 Kansas City Chiefs $1.00 billion Lamar Hunt family
34 Minnesota Vikings $1.00 billion Zygmunt Wilf
35 Cleveland Browns $1.00 billion Jimmy Haslam, Randolph Lerner
36 New Orleans Saint $1.00 billion Thomas Benson, Rita Benson LeBlanc
37 Chicago Bulls $1.00 billion Jerry Reinsdorf
38 San Francisco Giants $1.00 billion Cahrles Johnson
39 Philadelphia Phillies $975 million Partnership led by David Montgomery
40 Arizona Cardinals $961 million William Bidwill
41 San Diego Chargers $949 million Spanos family
42 Atlanta Falcons $933 million Arthur Blank
43 Cincinnati Bengals $924 million Michael Brown
44 Detroit Lions $900 million William Clay Ford
45 Boston Celtics $875 million Wycliff & Irving Grousbeck
46 St Louis Rams $875 million Stan Kroenke
47 Buffalo Bills $870 million Ralph Wilson trust
48 Chelsea $867 million Roman Abramovich
49 Manchester City $863 million Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
50 AC Milan $856 million Silvio Berlusconi

This is the latest list of most valuable sports teams of 2014. Two clubs from Spain i.e. Real Madrid & Barcelona are at first & second spot respectively. The German club Bayern Munich made a huge jump & is now at seventh spot in this ranking.

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