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Tony Coton: Ferguson allowed players to kick Ronaldo’s legs in training to toughen him up

Former MU boss Sir Alex Ferguson encouraged coaching staff to turn a blind eye while Cristiano Ronaldo was kicked by teammates in training.

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According to former coach Tony Coton, Ronaldo used to throw himself to the ground theatrically. It could negatively affect his development.

Ferguson wanted Ronaldo to be the better and stronger. He liked the kid since his signing in 2003. Coach saw the potential in the young Portuguese player and that is why he gave him сlub’s iconic #7 shirt.

Still, as a good coach, Ferguson quickly recognized Ronaldo’s weakness. “The flaw was his habit of falling to the floor like a rag doll. It happened every time when he lost a tackle”, said Cotton in the interview.

So Sir Alex decided to toughen him up. And when Ronaldo being fouled in practice the coaching stuff just turned a blind eye. Poor Ronaldo didn’t know the intentions of the coach. So every time a free-kick was not forthcoming he became furious, throw his hands up and muttered Portuguese curses while sitting on the ground. Yet the game continued on, even without Ronaldo’s participation.

“It was a tough period for the young winger. Then slowly but surely, the message began to seep into Cristiano”, added Coton.

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