Tuesday , 2 June 2020


“arsenal acquires nicolas pepe for $87,26m”

Arsenal acquires Nicolas Pepe for $87,26m

A record club fee has been recently demonstrated by Arsenal. The well-known football club have bought Nicolas Pepe, the Ivory Coast winger for a striking amount of $87,26m. The five-year deal with the player aged 24 was signed at Emirates Stadium as soon as he underwent a medical test on Tuesday. In 74 Ligue, the player made up to 74 appearances shooting 35 goals for Lille, the club he became part of having moved from Angers in 2017. In turn, Nicolas Pepe told that he’s touched by the very opportunity to play for Arsenal. He considers singing for the Gunners …

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“aston villa acquires marvelous nakamba and tom heaton”

Aston Villa acquires Marvelous Nakamba and Tom Heaton

Aston Villa have come up with the double singing. They have managed to acquire Marvelous Nakamba, the Zimbabwean international midfielder from Club Brugge and Tom Heaton, the England goalkeeper from Burnley. The deal with Tom Heaton is reportedly worth $9,71m, while for Nakamba they are believed to have shelled out $13,35m. In general, this summer, the football club has managed to make up to 13 signings reportedly worth $169,95m. As for Tom Heaton aged 33, Dean Smith, Aston Villa’s key coach told that the player performed perfectly for Burnley for the last time and Aston Villa put a lot of …

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“sheffield united buys oli mcburnie for $24,46m”

Sheffield United buys Oli McBurnie for $24,46m

Sheffield United are currently in the process of acquiring Oli McBurnie, the Swansea City striker. The newly-concluded deal is worth $24,46m. As for the initial fee for the player aged 23, it’s reportedly $21,40m. The rest of the offer mostly depends on add-ons. As a matter of fact, Bradford City, which is the football club that sold the player to Swansea United in 2015, is expected to obtain up to 15% of the revenue that exceeds $2,45m. By the way, the previous season Oli McBurnie managed to score up to 24 goals. The given outcome helped Swansea City to finish …

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“swansea city acquires kristoffer peterson”

Swansea City acquires Kristoffer Peterson

Kristoffer Peterson, the Sweden international forward has attracted the attention of Swansea City. They have already come to a compromise with Heracles, the Dutch club as to an initial fee bid for the player. The Sweden club have come with an initial bid of approximately $610,720 for the player. However, after a while, the bid might tack on to up to $1,22m. The previous season, Kristoffer Peterson managed to shoot up to 12 goals in 34 appearances for Eredivisie. Previously, the player stayed with Liverpool. At that club, he also collaborated with Steve Cooper, the ex-Reds academy manager, and Swans …

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“manchester united would like to acquire paulo dybala”

Manchester United would like to acquire Paulo Dybala

The football club Manchester United are currently negotiating the probable signing of Paulo Dybala, who plays for Juventus. The talks are currently at an early stage and it’s unclear whether the well-known football club will try to interest the Argentina player, or he would prefer moving to Old Trafford. It’s apparent that Juventus expect Paulo to leave because first of all they are interested in Romelu Lukaku, the Manchester United forward. The previous season, the player aged 25 managed to shoot up to 10 goals for Juventus. In addition to this, Inter Milan also demonstrates a strong interest in Romelu …

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“brighton & hove albion are assured that adam webster is already their player”

Brighton & Hove Albion are assured that Adam Webster is already their player

A $30,4m deal to acquire Adam Webster, the Bristol City defender – that’s what Brighton & Hove Albion consider to be a nearly finished thing. Last season, the player aged 24 happened to be a star in the Championship, gaining Premier League interest from Aston Villa. However, Brighton & Hove Albion don’t doubt that the defender will be easily secured by them following an initial $24,3 bid along with add-ons. Despite the fact, a deal hasn’t been agreed yet, but the upcoming transfer is expected to overshadow a $21,8m shelled out for Genk for Leandro Trossard this summer. Now the …

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“manchester united want to acquire moussa dembele”

Manchester United want to acquire Moussa Dembele

Manchester United are geared up towards buying Moussa Dembele from Lyon. They were impressed by the forward’s impressive double versus the Gunners in pre-season. Manchester United are ready to shell out up to $48,9m for the player. Within the next two days, the Gunners will finish the singing of Nicolas Pepe, Lille winger on the condition Paris Saint-Germain fail to have the deal for the Ivory Coast international hijacked. As a matter of fact, Newcastle United have signed a $12,2m contract with Paris Saint-Germain for Stanley N’Soki, the full-back. By the way, the Ligue 1 champions are going to be …

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“patrice evra breaks up with football”

Patrice Evra breaks up with football

Patrice Evra, the ex-Manchester United player has uncovered his intention to leave professional football at the age of 38. The prominent left-back, who demonstrated great performance at Marseille, Juventus as well as West Ham, has made up his mind to break up with one of the most popular kinds of sport and start a coaching career instead. Of course, Old Trafford that brought the player up to 15 trophies for 379 appearances will never forget him. In this interview to Gazzetta dello Sport, the player told that his career has finished. His training for the UEFA B Coaching License burst …

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“micah richards breaks up with football”

Micah Richards breaks up with football

Micah Richards, the ex-England defender has already disclosed his willingness to leave professional football. A persistent knee injury has been having rather a negative effect on the 31-year-old player. As a matter of fact, his last appearance took place on October 2016 when he was at Aston Villa. This summer Aston Villa had him released. Micah is braced for combining punditry work with promotion at Manchester City. He puts a lot of value on this football club because that’s the place that formed him as a sportsman. The player managed to make up to 295 appearances for Aston Villa, Fiorentina, …

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“marcel keizer: manchester united want to sign bruno fernandes”

Marcel Keizer: Manchester United want to sign Bruno Fernandes

Marcel Keizer, the coach of Sporting Lisbon has recently confirmed that Manchester United are eagerly looking forward towards making a deal with Bruno Fernandes. Despite the coach told that it’s not up to him to decide the Portuguese player’s destiny but he confessed that Sporting Lisbon are ready for a probable transfer. Marcel Keizer told that he’s not a person who should be asked about the player’s future. The coach told that Bruno Fernandes is a good player, so it’s no wonder that many football clubs would like to have him signed. He added that the club is ready to …

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“wilfried zaha considers moving to everton”

Wilfried Zaha considers moving to Everton as Arsenal’s deal is getting less probable

Wilfried Zaha who currently plays for Crystal Palace actually relishes a thought of moving to Everton due to the fact that his preferable transfer to Arsenal is getting less probable now. By the way, earlier, the player aged 26-year-old uncovered his intention to break up with Crystal Palace, with Arsenal his preferred club mostly because of the attraction of European football and also the fact he was their fun in childhood. However, this summer the Gunners have rather a limited budget and a $49,7m offer was denied immediately by the Eagles because they hope for at least a twice bigger …

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“manchester united want to grasp moussa dembele to replace romelu lukaku”

Manchester United want to grasp Moussa Dembele to replace Romelu Lukaku

Manchester United are considering a deal with Moussa Dembele currently playing for Lyon. Such a transfer might take place on the condition Manchester’s abandons the club this summer in favor of Inter Milan. By the way, earlier Romelu Lukaku had openly expressed his interest in the Italian club. Manchester’s player confessed that he is a big fan of the big Serie A. He added that he has always had a strong desire to find himself in the English league and, in particular, in the Italian one because he likes Italy a lot. Despite the two football clubs are about to …

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“jermain defoe hopes to get along with rangers”

Jermain Defoe hopes to get along with Rangers

Jermain Defoe, the veteran England striker is geared up towards sharing his unique European experience with Rangers having been blown away by the previous year’s run. Once the sportsman saw how the Ibrox reacted to their first group-stage appearance for 8 years last January, he made up his mind to become part of Steven Gerrard’s side. The ex-Tottenham and West Ham player told he appreciates the atmosphere in the team. He added that he closely watched the club’s matches in the group states the previous year and it made him want to get closer to Rangers. The player aged 36 …

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“liberian football chief faces fifa ban for money laundry”

Liberian football chief faces FIFA ban for money laundry

The Ethics Committee of FIFA has already banned Musa Hassan Bility, the African football chief. The official is totally expelled from this kind of sport for a decade. It’s a result of a recent probe into the funding of the Liberian Football Association. Musa turns out to be an ex-LFA head as well as an actual member of the CAF. The official openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the sport watchdog’s recent measures aimed at gaining control over African football. On Wednesday, it was reported by FIFA that Musa is accused of misappropriating funds allocated by FIFA. What’s more, the official …

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“gareth bale scores with still uncertain future”

Real Madrid vs. Arsenal: Gareth Bale scores with still uncertain future

In his first pre-season match, playing for Real Madrid Gareth Bale managed to score. Despite this positive thing, the player’s future at Real Madrid is still uncertain. At half-time, the player came off the bench to shoot a goal as his team won on penalties following a 2–2 draw with Arsenal in the International Champions Cup. Zinedine Zidane, the team’s coach told after the match that he’s fully satisfied with Bale’s performance in the game. However, the coach added that the overall situation with the player is still tough. The coach drew attention to the fact that Gareth Bale has …

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“increased intensity and new challenges at everton delight fabian delph”

Increased intensity and new challenges at Everton delight Fabian Delph

Just a week is a period Fabian Delph has spent at his new club – Everton and drills have already exhausted him. Nevertheless, the ex-Manchester City midfielder isn’t going to complain about it. Instead, he tries to make the most of those drills. The sportsman told that the overall volume of training turns out to be much higher compared to what he was used to having at Manchester City. Fabian Delph told that he has to cover a greater distance and in general drills are so intense that he feels totally exhausted. To his mind, at Manchester City, sharper drills …

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