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This will never happen! Five events that will not occur in world football

The unpredictability of football is an okay–known fact that there is absolutely no reason to question. You can find thousands of cases when the favourites of individual matches are lost to the seediest outsiders. History knows more memorable sensations that took place in the most significant tournaments. But now it’s not about them. Therefore, we will not brush off the dust of history from them and extract the white light – let them remain in the historical annals.

We want to talk about something that will never happen in football under any circumstances. They identified not the most fantastic events but more than real ones and justified why they would not occur.

Neymar will never win the Golden Ball

The Brazilian striker of Paris PSG is already 30 years old. For the fourth decade, he went, we recall, on February 5. Despite his years, achievements and regalia, Neymar, oddly enough, is still considered by many to be promising. They continue to expect something incredible and meaningful from him. However, its maximum remains various national team titles within France, which, if you are a player of a club like PSG, then somehow it is not worth bragging about, as well as a continental victory with the Brazilian national team in 2019 and the “gold” of the 2016 Olympics. Note that the Brazilians and Neymar won both trophies at home tournaments. Well, it is, by the way.


As for the striker’s success on a global scale, he remains the best young player in the world in 2012 and the owner of the third place in the fight for the Golden Ball in 2015, which went to Lionel Messi. Oh yes, Messi! Recall that the Argentine was the owner of five Golden Balls by 30.

Ronaldo and Messi will never become world champions

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo is already 37 years old, and Argentine Lionel Messi will celebrate his 35th birthday in June. Yet, for all their greatness, it’s impressive that they have never won the World Championships with their national teams before. And they will not achieve much success, although theoretically, they retain the chances of this.

For Messi, the Argentine national team and its triumphs are generally a sore subject. Recall that only in the summer of last 2021 he was able to win the first trophy with partners in the national squad for the first time in his career. It happened at America’s Cup.

Ronaldo has a slightly better situation with trophies in the Portuguese national team. In 2016, the “European Brazilians” took the Euro, which was held in France, and at the end of the 2018/2016 season, they became the winners of the premier draw of the UEFA Nations League.


The upcoming World Cup in Qatar is the last in a career for Ronaldo and Messi. They are unlikely to finish playing until the next one in 2026. But neither the Portuguese nor the Argentine teams will win gold at the upcoming World Cup. They are both in no condition to make such a historic breakthrough. Portugal has not made it to Qatar at all yet. In March, it will play in the semifinals of the final round of selection with Turkey, after which, if it wins, it will have a duel with the winner of the meeting between Italy and Northern Macedonia.

Argentina can already prepare for the next World Cup. And she will perform on it without Sergio Aguero, with Messi growing up and some, say, unconvincing Lautaro Martinez lately. The “blue and white” are now all in trouble.

Mbappe and Holand will never play in the same club

History wants Kylian Mbappe and Erling Holand to become the leading trendsetters of football fashion and new conquerors of various peaks, records and achievements in the coming years. In terms of their potential and capabilities, they can outshine everyone.


Now the 23-year-old Frenchman Mbappe defends the colours of PSG, and, as you know, he does not see himself in the camp of the Paris club in the future. Everything is going to the fact that he will leave the French capital next summer: Rumour and various insiders associate Kilian with Real Madrid in the future. Galacticos are also credited with a strong interest in the 21-year-old Holand, who, we recall, plays for Borussia Dortmund. Also, this summer, the striker will be able to leave the bumblebees for 75 million euros – this option will be activated in his contract.

Both Mbappe and Holand want recognition, fame and achievements. Both team and staff. Their big personal goals won’t achieve by being side-by-side. And team successes will never override personal triumphs. Therefore, these strikers will never play together for the same team.

Guardiola will never become the head coach of Real Madrid

Josep Guardiola, 51, is a native of Catalonia. On January 18, 1971, he was born in the now 7‑thousand-year-old town of Sandepore. He began his career in football with the Barcelona Academy, in which, no doubt, he strengthened his innate love for his native land, for his native Catalonia. After becoming a professional player, he gave 11 years of his career to the “blue-garnet” flowers. Josep went to the legionary bread only after 30 years. He, we recall, played in Italy for Brescia, Roma, Brescia again, and then there was the Qatari Al-Ahli and the Mexican club Dorados de Sinaloa.


It is no wonder that Guardiola started his coaching career at home – at Barcelona. More precisely, at the head of her double. However, a year later, in 2008, he headed the first team of “Blaugrana”. With her, he won 14 trophies, including two in the Champions League. Then Josep coached Bayern Munich and now headed Manchester City.

He is a coach of more than a top-level, who fits a club’s ambitions like Real Madrid by many criteria. However, the appearance of Josep Guardiola on the coaching bench of the hosts of the Santiago Bernabeu is 200% excluded. Do not forget: he is a Catalan!

The Championship of the Soviet Union will never be revived

Plans for the revival of the ex-“one and indivisible” championship are a kind of “x” idea, which Valery Gazzaev and his associates have been running around with not so long ago. The former coxswain of CSKA and the Russian national team did not work out, and could not, for which there were many good reasons. First of all, this tournament was needed, by and large, only by Russian clubs and the top leadership of the Russian Federation. The latter, it’s no secret, likes to propagandize the past, exposing it in a very colourful light, without bothering about the prospects and the future. In other independent states that seceded from the USSR, the idea of reviving the standard championship did not cause much excitement.


The only exceptions could be countries from Central Asia and Belarus, whose domestic tournaments still have a frankly average level. The proof is the performance of their national teams and their position in the world ranking. So, the idea of the united championship of the former Union can be safely packed in a coffin and buried as deep as possible. Where she was born, she was destroyed there.

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