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The Full Info on Thierry Henry Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Thierry Henry appeared to be a football miracle to the sports world after his debut on the international arena. He played in France, England, and Spain. He also managed to drive more passion to US spectators who do not consider soccer as the #1 sports. Henry is a football legend with plenty of goals scored and titles one. Despite his huge track-record of trophies, the former French striker can only regret not winning the Ballon d’Or. Experienced fans probably know about most of is achievements. But do they actually know the exact Thierry Henry height and weight? How old is Henry today? What does he do for a living after retirement? Does he have a family? Let’s have a brief look at Thierry Henry biography, body measurements and present days. 

What Is Thierry Hendry Age?

The former French international football star is 41 years old. He was born in 1977 in the suburbs of Paris. His father supported the son’s desire to play football from early childhood. He made everything possible to keep Henry in a good shape and even lost his job for being late due to the need to drive his son to the training.
In 1985, the future legend played at junior team of Les Ulis, Viry-Chatillon, and some others. After scoring 6 goals in a single match, Henry was spotted by a former manager of Monaco Arnold Catalano. Thierry got an offer to join the reserve team of the Liga 1 top club. 

Henry Carrier and Stats

Most of the fans remember him as the all-time Arsenal striker who joined the Cannonries back in 1999 and played until 2007. The 2000 UEFA Euro campaign appeared to be a huge success for the French international team and Henry in particular.
Striker’s all-time Arsenal scoring record highlights 228 goals in all Premiership matches in addition to his 51 goals for the French international team. Henry moved to Barcelona in 2007 to leave the club in 2010 for New York Bulls. The Arsenal striking legend officially retired in 2014 to become a TV expert and football manager. 

Thierry at Present Days

No doubt, Henry has a great playing talent. At the same time, he proved to have solid analytical and expert skills to review the games. This is why he actually started a career of a TV commentator. Henry had an agreement with the Sky Sports television network and was the company’s expert for some time.
Arsen Wenger was rumored to offer Henry the position in the Arsenal coaching staff. However, Henry refused and opted for his televising career insisted. He never gave up a dream to become a manager. Thierry got a chance to coach his first professional team and spend with Monaco one season but was fired in 2019 for quite poor team results. 

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