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Ten high-profile free agent transfers of the summer of 2021

Ashley Young

Ashley Young - Aston Villa F.C.

The 36-year-old veteran returned to the club for which he played from 2007 to 2011 and where he made a name for himself.
It seems that Ashley Young is not going to finish playing at all. Last season, the Englishman became the champion of Italy, having played 31 matches for Inter, 23 of them in Serie A.

Memphis Depay

A few years ago, Depay was considered one of the most gifted players in Europe. But the attempt to play in a top club (Manchester United) was not crowned with success.
At Lyon, Depay reached the previous level and is now making a second attempt to enter the cohort of top-class players. However, given his age (27 years), this is the last chance for the Dutchman.

Hakan Chalhanoglu

Chalhanoglu joined a solid list of” defectors ” from one Milan club to another. Of course, the Rossoneri fans call him a traitor. But the club’s management has a different opinion.
The current “Milan” cannot pull the multimillion-dollar contracts of football players, and the club’s transfer policy is now completely different from under Silvio Berlusconi.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Paris Saint-Germain F.C. - Coupe de la Ligue

The same thing happened with Donnarumma. As a result, the club did not pull a new contract for one of the best goalkeepers in the world. However, the situation is hotter here because Milan gave Gianluigi a ticket to big football.
Naturally, the fans accused the goalkeeper of all mortal sins, gave him the nickname “Dollarruma”, and threw fake bills. And the question is whether this transition will benefit the goalkeeper. After all, PSG has already announced that Keylor Navas will remain the main goalkeeper, and Donnarumma will loan to Roma. So maybe, after the brilliantly conducted Euro 2020 by the Italian, something will change.

Georginho Wijnaldum

Another high-profile free acquisition of the Parisians was Georginho Wijnaldum, one of the leaders of the Dutch national team.
The midfielder chose for a long time between Barcelona and PSG, but the latter, according to Wijnaldum, turned out to be more decisive.

Sergio Aguero

The current transfer policy of Barcelona sometimes causes laughter. No, Sergio Aguero is undoubtedly an outstanding player, and he is still giving out a couple of strong seasons. It was only recently that Barca parted with another old South American striker, Luis Suarez.
The management of Barca looked at how Suarez made Atletico the champion or took into account that Aguero is a great friend of Leo Messi.

Eric Garcia

Eric García - Manchester City F.C.

But Eric Garcia is a completely different matter. Four years ago, the pupil of the Catalan club turned out to be at Manchester City. But, unfortunately, he did not play there in the base, and after the expiration of the contract, he decided to return to his native penates.
Garcia is only 20 years old, and he can become one of those around whom the new Barca will be built.

Gianluigi Buffon

20 years later. That is how much time has passed since the transfer of Gianluigi Buffon from Parma to Juventus. At that time, it was a transfer record for goalkeepers, which lasted 16 years.
And now, the 43-year-old legend is returning to his native club. They even made a special video for this event in Parma. Now Buffon’s task is to help the team return to Serie A.

Sergio Ramos

And here, the situation is diametrically opposite – the legend leaves the club. Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid have given each other so much that it is impossible to describe in words. And now they have not agreed on an extension of the contract.
They say that Florentino Perez wanted to extend the agreement with Ramos for a year. He insisted on two and did not want to take a salary cut. I still don’t understand it. Yes, 35 years old. Yes, the best years are behind us. But is it possible to part with a player who brought two Champions Cups to the club?

David Alaba

David Alaba - Real Madrid CF

The history of this transition is also connected with money. David Alaba wanted a 5‑year contract worth 100 million, and in Munich, they always knew how to count money. So they considered it unnecessary to pay so much to a 29-year-old football player there.
But, unlike the previous example, Bayern and the player have saved face. The Austrian announced that he was moving to Real Madrid for new challenges, and in Munich, they pretended that it was so.

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