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Shaheen Camel 2014 World Cup prediction animal

Shaheen Camel 2014 FIFA World Cup Prediction of The Day

With back to back perfect predictions, the Dubai desert Camel Shaheen is now attracting lots of eyes towards himself. In this article, we will let you know 2014 FIFA World Cup match predictions of the day by Shaheen. It will also help to those who loves to betting specially in games like football. The camel lives in the desert of Dubai who came in world’s attraction after back to back correct predictions. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is being predicted by some other animals also, but Shaheen is the only one who is on the way of perfect predictions. So what is the prediction of the camel for today’s match?

Shaheen, The 2014 World Cup Predictor
Shaheen Camel 2014 World Cup prediction animal Animal Species Camel
Sex Male
Known for Predicting winner of 2014 FIFA World Cup Matches
Lives in Deserts of Dubai

Shaheen Prediction of The Day

Brazil vs Netherlands [Match for 3rd place] Germany vs Argentina [Final] Dubai based Gulf News reported that “Shaheen declared himself ready at the flutter of an over sized eyelash for the challenge of guessing the outcome of Brazil 2014 matches.” The newspaper will be using the camel to predict one World Cup game. The report further added “Matching Paul the Octopus’s near perfect record may be beyond the trusty steed, but only the most up-to-date camel football predicting technology will be used to determine who will lift the World Cup trophy.”

Predictions Results by Shaheen Camel So Far

2014 FIFA World Cup
Match Date Prediction Result Outcome
BRZ vs CRO 12–6‑2014 Brazil 3–1 Correct
ESP vs NTH 13–6‑2014 Netherlands 5–1 Correct
ENG vs ITL 14–6‑2014 Italy 2–1 Correct
ARG vs BOS 15–6‑2014 Argentina 2–1 Correct
GER vs POR 16–6‑2014 Portugal 4–0 Incorrect
MEX vs BRA 17–6‑2014 Brazil Draw Not Defined
ESP vs CHL 18–6‑2014 Spain 0–2 Incorrect
URU vs ENG 19–6‑2014 England 2–1 Incorrect
FRA vs SWT 20–6‑2014 France 5–2 Correct
ARG vs IRN 21–6‑2014 Argentina 1–0 Correct
BEL vs RUS 22–6‑2014 Belgium 1–0 Correct
MEX vs CRO 23–6‑2014 Croatia 3–1 Incorrect
ITL vs URU 24–6‑2014 Uruguay 1–0 Correct
FRA vs ECU 25–6‑2014 France Draw [0–0] Not Defined
ALG vs RUS 26–6‑2014 Russia Draw [1–1] Not Defined
BRA vs CHI 28–6‑2014 Chile 1–1 [3–2 P] Incorrect
NED vs MEX 29–6‑2014 Netherlands 2–1 Correct
CRC vs GRE 29–6‑2014 Costa Rica 1–1 [5–3 P] Correct
GER vs ALG 30–6‑2014 Germany 2–1 Correct
FRA vs NIG 30–6‑2014 France 2–0 Correct
ARG vs SUI 01–7‑2014 Argentina 1–0 Correct
BEL vs USA 01–7‑2014 Belgium 2–1 Correct
FRA vs GER 04–7‑2014 France 0–1 Incorrect
BRA vs COL 04–7‑2014 Brazil 2–1 Correct
ARG vs BEL 05–7‑2014 Belgium 1–0 Incorrect
NED vs CRC 05–7‑2014 Netherlands 0–0 [4–3 P] Correct
BRA vs GER 08–7‑2014 Brazil 1–7 Incorrect
NED vs ARG 09–7‑2014 Argentina 0–0 [4–2 P] Correct
BRA vs NED 12–7‑2014 Netherlands TBD TBD
GER vs ARG 13–7‑2014 Argentina TBD TBD

There are some other animals also in the list of World Cup predictions which includes Roo the dog, Nelly the Elephant, China’s Pandas, Flopsy the Kangaroo & Big head, the Turtle. All of these other have prediction one wrong winner but, the camel is predicted all winners correctly. Lets see how far he predicts winners of 2014 FIFA World Cup correctly.

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  1. all these stupid people are just showing up coincidence as predictions of the camel. Its simply coincidence. If he was really predicting then all the results would have been 100% correct. The fact that some are incorrect shows that its not true. That way even i can predict. If 50–60% of my predictions are then it would still be coincidence

  2. niroj adhikary

    all d corect prediction are just d coincidence

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  8. its pretty clever camel

  9. welcome back

  10. now lets just hope that brazil wins or arab sheikhs will roast him and eat him up

  11. fuck u.…camel.….germany won

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