Tuesday , 7 July 2020
Arsenal, Premier League, COVID-19

Several Arsenal players are quarantined after confirmed positive coronavirus test

The London Arsenal received a positive response to the COVID-19 test. It turned out that this is also close contact (more than 15 minutes at a distance of less than 2 meters), so they also need self-isolation.

No one on the team showed symptoms, including a sick player. In previous testing, there were no positive results. Last Saturday and Sunday, this player did two tests to check if he really was sick or was sick in the past, but both answers were negative.

However, due to the fact that none of the players in question previously showed any suspicious symptoms and did not have a single player with a positive result in previous tests, the club management suggested a false positive result. Arsenal decided to conduct a private re-testing of the player and make him a test for antigen and antibodies. As a result of private testing, a negative result was obtained.

But testing has not been approved by the Premier League.

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