Monday , 9 December 2019
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Sala: Cardiff Concerned For Player With Plane Going Missing

Sala: Cardiff Concerned For Player With Plane Going Missing

The new record of Cardiff City by sign­ing Emili­ano Sala with £15million had been on board with the private jet miss­ing from Nantes to the cap­it­al of Welsh, accord­ing to French police sources. A search oper­a­tion is in pro­gress with the light air­craft dis­ap­pear­ing from the radar close to the Cas­quets light­house in the Chan­nel Islands on Alder­ney.


It has been revealed by Guern­sey Police that Piper Malibu has been miss­ing from Monday night 8:30 pm. French Police has stated that the Argen­tine striker had been on the plane. This private plane has been fly­ing from Nantes to Cardiff and it sparked a fear among people that the play­er might be on board.

Accord­ing to Cardiff Air­port, the air­craft was sup­posed to arrive at Cardiff but there have been no fur­ther details on this. It has been said by Guern­sey Police that the search­light of the air­craft had been resumed at 8 am in the morn­ing. There has been no sign since then as it was en route to Cardiff with two pas­sen­gers.

Reports have sug­ges­ted that there is con­cern regard­ing the status of Sala. Some journ­al­ists have men­tioned that Sala had been seen going through the pro­cess of bor­der con­trol in Nantes while there were these uncon­firmed sug­ges­tions that he did get down from the chartered flight which is miss­ing.

The record trans­fer of the Argen­tine striker by the Premi­er League club has been unveiled last Sat­urday. It is being spec­u­lated that the play­ers came back to France after he was done with his move and was sup­posed to report to Cardiff for the pur­pose of train­ing.


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