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Ronaldo asked Real Madrid to lower his price to €100m
Photo by Victor Carretero

Ronaldo asked Real Madrid to lower his price to €100m

According to Daily Record, a relationship between Portuguese and Florentino Perez reached boiling point. And Ronaldo asked the board to set his price on €100m for a potential summer transfer. Besides, the 2017 Ballon d’Or owner has made it known to PSG and Manchester United that he is ready to “fight for a summer move” out of the current squad.

Ronaldo asked Real Madrid to lower his price to €100m
Photo by Victor Carretero

Ronaldo has signed a contract in November 2016 with release clause £887million. However, he asked Real Madrid president to sell him for a more realistic price to involve Man United and PSG in summer pursue for Portugal superstar.

According to a source, the relationship with Perez and Ronaldo reached the point when “Cristiano even doesn’t want to talk to the president”. The conflict stemmed because of Real Madrid president didn’t keep a promise to raise Ronaldo’s financial term relatively with another world best footballers.

Ronaldo continues scoring, has led the squad to La Liga, Champions League, proved himself of the best player by achieving Ballon d’Or, but his salary isn’t even close to Messi’s or Neymar’s.  In an interview, Cristiano told: “I’m the best player in history, in the good and bad moments.”

“I’ve never seen anyone better than me, however, I respect everyone’s preference. It’s not just my workout in a gym, it’s about the sum of many factors. The people like Floyd Mayweather or LeBron James didn’t get to their level because of luck. To be the best, you have to have a talent, more than anyone does”, added the 32-year-old superstar.

Also, Ronaldo has tax problems with a Spanish court. He mentioned “there weren’t such troubles back in England days. So he probably would like to return to the Premier League”. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane told that he is “appreciate all achievements which Ronaldo has done for the squad, but any discussions about his future will be revealed only after winter break”.

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