Thursday , 12 December 2019
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Rodgers Defends Iheanacho After Rohr Criticism

Rodgers Defends Iheanacho After Rohr Criticism

Brendan Rodgers is defend­ing Kele­chi Iheanacho, the for­ward from Leicester City after he had been cri­ti­cized by Gernot Rohr, the Niger­ia coach in the time of the inter­na­tion­al break.


The twenty-two-year-old play­er is being cri­ti­cized because of his below the par per­form­ance in the coun­try and club col­ors. He is still to start a match for Foxes since the early half of Decem­ber. He hadn’t been a part of the set of Super-Eagles which defeated Egypt and Seychelles after a dis­mal dis­play against South Africa in the last year.

In order to get back in the frame of the nation­al team, Rohr had giv­en advice to the former striker of Manchester United to be more pro­fes­sion­al and ser­i­ous. How­ever, his Leicester coach has giv­en a dif­fer­ent assess­ment.

Rodger said that when he saw his play at Manchester City, he used to be a young play­er which could have an effect on the game. There­after, he came over to Leicester with a large price tag. He says that what he saw in train­ing and when he spoke to him, he dis­played an excel­lent appet­ite and will­ing­ness to get bet­ter. Rodger states that they have a cul­ture to improve the play­ers and to make them bet­ter. Kele­chi Iheanacho has respon­ded quite well to that.

Only afforded 7 minutes since Brenden Rodgers took over with Premi­er League goal in this sea­son, the repu­ta­tion of Jam­ie Vardy’s, and the form means Kele­chi Iheanacho for the show­ings on the train­ing ground, need to be patient for his chance and have to pounce with their arrival.


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