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Real Madrid: who needs to leave and who needs to stay

Zinedine Zidane has left Real Madrid, but Real Madrid is no longer thinking about it — there are other concerns. First of all, we need to do something about the ageing composition, which raises serious questions. But, like Barcelona, there is not much money. They are definitely not enough to sign Kylian Mbappe, Erling Holand, Eduard Kamawinga or even Paul Pogba. This means that the only way out of the situation is to sell players. But who deserves to be fired, and who is too important? “Real Madrid has already made a lot of costly mistakes (which only costs Eden Hazard), and he can not take such risks anymore.


Thibaut Courtois (29 years old, until 2024)

The Belgian considers himself one of the team leaders, and last season he was one of the best. He is a saviour and a role model.

Verdict: Leave

Andrey Lunin (22 years old, until 2024)

And here is a severe dilemma. There is nothing to suggest that he is a player of Real Madrid’s level. The Creamers are constantly loaning him out and waiting for him to gain experience. He is young and talented, and not many other high-quality goalkeepers will agree to polish the bench of substitutes for cheap.

Verdict: Leave and explore


Raphael Varane (28 years old, until 2022)

Ideally, it is better to extend the contract, but he is clearly not interested. Such a loss is a shame, but it may be worth it was given the price tag of 60 million euros. It’s not Real Madrid who decides here.

Verdict: Get rid of

Sergio Ramos (35, until 2021)

Sergio Ramos - 2019–20 La Liga

A situation is similar to the Lionel Messi saga. Ramos is still excellent and will be for years to come. But Perez is too proud, and the problem does not seem to be saved.

Verdict: Leave and extend the contract (but too late)

Eder Militan (23 years, until 2025)

He was criticized too harshly when he moved from Porto, but he is still progressing. He’s fast and sound in the air, but he should be more determined. But he will still show himself.

Verdict: Leave

Nacho (31 years old, until 2022)

Last season, Nacho was exceptionally helpful. The 31-year-old defender played 24 matches in the Primera, in which he scored one goal. Carlo Ancelotti needs players to rely on. And Nacho is one of them.

Verdict: Leave and extend.

Jesus Vallejo (24 years, until 2025)

Maybe it will come in handy again. A very reliable central defender but hardly up to the basics.

Verdict: Get rid of the item with a possible refund (costs about 5 million euros).

Furlan Mendy (25 years, until 2025)

For some reason, Perez is still unsure about Mendy, even though the rest of the world has already decided everything about him. A good athlete, a great football player. Without Marcelo, he would be irreplaceable. But he should not wholly take away the chances of Miguel Gutierrez.

Verdict: Leave.

Marcelo (33 years old, until 2022)

An excellent player a couple of years ago, but Marcelo is no longer the future of Real Madrid. Juve is interested, and this development is very logical.

Verdict: Get rid of (10 million euros).

Dani Carvajal (29 years old, until 2022)

Dani Carvajal - Real Madrid CF

We need to get him back in shape, and … that’s it. He’s worth a contract extension-as long as he doesn’t get injured.

Verdict: Leave and extend.

Viktor Chust (19 years old, until 2024)

Talented can become a crucial player in the future. But after the arrival of Alaba, he may finally lose his chance to play in the base, so he will have to give up on loan.

Verdict: Keep and rent.

Miguel Gutierrez (19 years old, 2024)

Talented can be a real breakthrough. Potentially a future star in defence.

Verdict: Leave it or leave it and rent it out.

Alvaro Odriosola (25 years, until 2024)

It is better to let go if there are interested people. In recent weeks, he has shown a good game.

Verdict: Get rid of (10 million euros)


Casemiro (29 years old, until 2023)

If he becomes more determined, there will be no price for him. Save, extend the contract, and award the captain’s armband.

Verdict: Leave and extend.

Toni Kroos (31, until 2023)

It’s hard to say. It’s good, but a little old-fashioned. But Real Madrid needs someone like that.

Verdict: Leave.

Luka Modric (35 years old, until 2022)

Joe Cole - England national under-21 football team

Modric has played a lot, and he is getting tired. At 35, he remains Real Madrid’s best midfielder, but it’s hard to say whether it makes sense to keep him if the Croat doesn’t play every game.

Verdict: Leave for a year

Lucas Vazquez (29 years old, until 2024)

Like Nacho, it is very reliable and versatile. In a year of financial difficulties, it is essential to keep such people. And Florentino Perez did, extending the player’s contract until 2024.

Verdict: Leave.

Federico Valverde (22 years old, until 2025)

Hardy, helpful and even a natural leader, able to score. In 15 years, he will become a legend.

Verdict: Leave.

Isco (29 years, until 2025)

It’s time for him to find a club where he will play and be appreciated—for example, Betis.

Verdict: Get rid of it.

Antonio Blanco (20 years, until 2021)

Another young one who is not afraid of stress and responsibility. He has a “heta”, that is, the right approach to business, as the Spaniards say. But he has to play.

Verdict: Keep, extend, and lease.

Marvin (20 years, until 2021)

A man with an odd gait and a more relaxed style of play than Real Madrid is used to. Can achieve a lot.

Verdict: Keep, extend, and lease.

Sergio Arribas (19 years old, until 2021)

Another creative midfielder, of which there are many. But he can do a lot, and with a new coach-who knows.

Verdict: Keep, extend, and lease.

Dani Ceballos (24 years, until 2023)

Dani Ceballos - Arsenal F.C.

Technical, but a little damp. He won’t want to stay at Arsenal, so it’s time to decide what to do with him next.

Verdict: Get rid of (30 million euros)

Martin Edegor (22 years old, until 2023)

A good player, no questions asked. He is only happy about the new challenges, but Real Madrid did not believe in him before. Without Zidane, everything is possible.

Verdict: 50–50.


Eden Hazard (30 years, until 2024)

It’s time to admit that nothing can be done. Real Madrid should give it to anyone willing to pay. Especially without Zidane.

Verdict: Get rid of (40 million euros)

Marco Asensio (23 years old, until 2023)

Verdict: Leave and extend

Vinicius (20 years, until 2025)

Vini Jr. - Liverpool F.C.

We need to develop him further, but the main thing is that he plays on the right flank. He needs a coach who believes in him.

Verdict: Leave.

Rodrigo (20 years, until 2025)

We need to find out which position is closer to him and work. The kid’s got talent.

Verdict: Leave.

Gareth Bale (31, until 2025)

If Holand and Mbappe don’t come, we’ll have to find someone. Why not Bale? However, there are as many options “for” as“against”.

Verdict: 50–50.

Mariano Diaz (27 years old, until 2023)

They don’t trust Him, and for a good reason. I should have left a long time ago.

Verdict: Get rid of (10 million euros).

Karim Benzema (33, until 2022)

Karim Benzema - Real Madrid CF

There’s a year left on the contract, and it’s as good as ever. Such people should be nurtured and nurtured, and the contract should be extended.

Verdict: Keep and extend the contract.

Luka Jovic (23 years old, until 2025)

I did not pull Real Madrid and barely pulled Eintracht. He doesn’t believe in himself and isn’t fast enough.

Verdict: Get rid of

Borja Mayoral (24 years, until 2023)

Better than Jovic and Mariano. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a substitute player, but if no one comes, he’ll come in handy.

Verdict: Leave.

Takefusa Kubo (19 years old, until 2024)

He a considerable talent, but he needs to find a place in the team. Again, we need a lease, but to the section where he will play.

Verdict: Keep and rent.

Braim Diaz (21 years old, until 2025)

He was good at Milan this season, but he will only find a place if Isco leaves. And so you can let go.

Verdict: 50–50.

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