Tuesday , 18 January 2022
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“rafael benítez complains at poor trust at newcastle”

Rafael Benítez complains at poor trust at Newcastle

As Rafael Benitez explained, it was poor trust rather than China’s financial offer that made him decide to abandon Newcastle.

As a matter of fact, this summer when his contract expired Rafael Benítez abandoned St James’ Park and shifted to Dalian Yifang, the Chinese Super League squad with a decent pay amount.

On Sunday, Lee Charnley, the Newcastle CEO told in the mandatory program for the match versus Arsenal that Rafael’s decision was solely caused by money.

Rafael Benítez explained that he strived to perform better in the club. He even remained with them when they set off for the Championship and he was rejecting other offers. What’s more, the rejected offers were even more attractive than that one made by Dalian Yifang. He added that if their financial offer was the key reason, he could have opted for it much earlier.

He complained that Newcastle failed to make him the right offer and were reluctant to invest in the training ground or the academy.

“rafael benítez complains at poor trust at newcastle”

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