Wednesday , 7 December 2022

Quarter Final Curse Looming Large on Barcelona

It’s been 4 years since Lionel Messi has made it to the semi-final of Champions League. This drought has turned out to be a source of unease for Barcelona before their attempt on Tuesday. 

Manchester United is looking forwards to imitate Atletico Madrid, Roma, and Juventus by sending Barcelona out of the quarterfinals for the 4th consecutive year. However, for the Catalans another year is going to be unforgivable, to say the least, because of the implication of the team’s captain. Messi had said in August that in the last season he did double but felt bad the way it progress into the Champions League. He promises that in this season they are going to do all that they can to bring to Camp Nou the beautiful come. The dominance of Barcelona in Spain has been shaped by Lionel Messi. He overtook Iker Casillas as the player having most La Liga victories in history. This is 335. These wins have enabled him to capture 7 of the 10 league titles. This is a figure which is sure to turn into 8 in the next 11 months as they have a 9 point lead at the top of the char. There might be a historic 5th consecutive Copa Del Rey too if the side of Ernesto Valverde defeats Valencia on 25th of May. However, in Europe, Barcelona is going to appear under-marked having only one success in the last 7 years, 3 among 10 as Pep Guardiola became in charge in 2008. This set in a month what was felt in regards to the playing terms. Source:

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