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Prize Money For FIFA World Cup 2014, Total Prize Money

Prize Money For FIFA World Cup 2014, Total Prize Money

Almost half of pre­par­a­tion are com­pleted by Brazil for the World Cup 2014 which is going to be organ­ized in next sum­mer. World top 32 nation­al foot­ball teams have qual­i­fied for world cup & all teams already cat­egor­ized into 8 groups. So are you won­der­ing what amount of money will be giv­en to win­ner of World cup cup 2014? Here we are shar­ing the total win­ning prize of money which will be giv­en to the win­ner of Brazil world cup 2014.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Prize Money

Prize money for FIFA World Cup 2014

Brazil Fed­er­a­tion & FIFA has revealed that this time there will be huge amount of money prize will be giv­en to the win­ner of this world battle. The total win­ning prize of FIFA World cup is $454 mil­lion [Rs. 2823crore]. This is biggest amount of money prize which is declared by FIFA. Out of this total prize money,  win­ner will get $35million [Rs. 217crore]

In addi­tion with win­ning prize, all 32 teams will get win­ning prize of money of $1.5 mil­lion each. This means every team will get $1.5 mil­lion prize money for sure. How­ever, teams which qual­i­fy for next round will get more amount of money.

Prize money for each team = $1.5 mil­lion

Win­ning Prize Money Total = $454 mil­lion [Rs. 2823crore]

Prize Money Confirmed by FIFA

The win­ner of this world cup will be awar­ded with total money prize of $35 mil­lion which is approx­im­ate Rs. 217crore

Group stage$1.5 mil­lion [Rs. 9crore] 32 teams
Group Stage [Dis­qual­i­fied teams]$8 mil­lion [Rs. 49crore] 16 teams
Round of 16 [Dis­qual­i­fied teams]$9 mil­lion [Rs. 55crore] 8 teams
Quarter Finals [Dis­qual­i­fied teams]$14 mil­lion [Rs. 87crore] 4 teams
4th Place$18 mil­lion [Rs. 111crore] 1 team
3rd Place$20 mil­lion [Rs. 124crore] 1 team
Run­ner Up$25million [Rs. 155crore] 1 team
Cham­pi­ons$35 mil­lion [Rs. 217crore] 1 team

Jerome Valcke General Secretary of FIFA

The Sec­ret­ary Gen­er­al of Foot­ball Inter­na­tionale de Foot­ball Asso­ci­ation, Jerome Val­cke has revealed that this total amount of prize money is one third more than prize of world cup 2010.

In last world cup which was organ­ized in South Africa, the total money prize was $420 mil­lion. Along with this prize money, some oth­er prizes will be giv­en to the play­ers includ­ing trophies.

In world cup of 2010, the Cham­pi­ons Spain were awar­ded with money prize of $30 mil­lion & this time there is one third increase of prize money. Where­as, the Run­ner up were awar­ded with $24 mil­lion prize money.

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