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Pep Guardiola will never win Champions League title again – Dimitry Seluk

Dimitry Seluk has joined his client Yaya Toure in making a scathing attack on Manchester City’s boss Pep Guardiola, claiming he will never win the Champions League title again because all of Africa’s Shamans have turned against him.

In the wake of a verbal assault by Toure on his former boss in what was tagged “bust the Guardiola myth,” where he revealed the Catalonian had a problem with African footballers, Agent Dimitry Seluk has joined in making some disturbing comments.

The Russian sports agent has had a problematic relationship with Manchester City for some time, but this time around he decided to heap his grievances on Guardiola, claiming he will never win the Champions League again as a manager because of an African curse.

He equally disclosed that Toure is willing to play for another Premier League club for just £1-a-week, plus bonuses, just so that he can play against City next season.

“God sees everything,” said Seluk. “As a man who acted with Yaya, the legend of the club, which under different pretexts did not give the opportunity to go on the field.

“He turned all of Africa against himself; many African fans turned away from Manchester City. And I’m sure that many African shamans in the future will not allow Guardiola to win the Champions League. This will be for Guardiola an African curse. Life will show whether I am right or not.”

“Yaya has many offers from different countries, where they are ready to pay a lot of money, but we decided to dedicate the next season to Guardiola,” he explained.

“And to prove and show the fans of Manchester City that Yaya has not finished with football. He is full of energy and wants to play this season in England.

“At a time when immense sums are being spent in England for the purchase of football players, I officially declare that Yaya is ready to move as a free agent to any English club of the top six with a salary of £1-a-week. But for specific successes to make a bonus system.

“I believe that a player like Yaya would not reject Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, and Liverpool. Yaya is a winner.

“And never before has a top footballer with leadership qualities rejected any club, especially when they don’t have to pay for it.”

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