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Neymar is a traitor?

Barcelona star with his family was accused of being traitors by a partner of a Brazilian investment group. Delcir Sonda has invested about £1.25m in Neymar. And he claims that he was swindled during transfer from Santos to La Liga. There was an excess of the deal about €86m in 2013.

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When Santos, Barcelona, and parents of the player have concealed the transfer fee, DIS didn’t receive the whole part from the deal. Then investment group filed a complaint about the transfer.

To be specific he purchased 40% of Neymar and received 40% from the €17.1m deal. But they should have obtained that forty from the €86m deal back in 2013.

Sonda says, “I never believed that I could sue the boy. I loved him and trusted him. We’ve invested about $5.5m and was a good friend of his family. We also paid the trip to Jerusalem for Neymar family. And now he says he doesn’t know me. I just stabbed in the back”.

“Neymar family and Barcelona had negotiations behind our back. They surely committed fraud, and I don’t want support Neymar anymore”, said Sonda. Also, he continued, “Neymar already received €10m from Barcelona when he played against them during the Club World Cup. That breaks all the FIFA rules. And he knew exactly what he signed for. Neymar can’t be an example for children, being such a traitor”, emotionally said Rondo.

DIS sue Barcelona for €195m. Also, they promised if they win the trial they give all the money to the Brazilian state. And also they want to see Neymar jailed.

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