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Neymar has made his debut for PSG: goals and assist of the Brazilian.

The transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain FC became the main event of summer and the most expensive transfer in the football history. In Paris the football star was promised the robe and the scepter of royalty, but his new partners are not ready to accept the fact that they will be in the shadow of the most expensive and the highest paid player in the world.

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Paris Saint-Germain FC loves football princes

Paris Saint-Germain FC has been always distinguished by the fact that it has had the football royals. Presenting itself as something special in French football, PSG has been receiving streams of hatred from all regions of France, particularly Marseille, Lyon and of course Saint-Etienne – a city, which had been the football capital of France long before arrogant upstart PSG came to light.

PSG has always had players whom Royal robes would suit, and one of them is famous George Weah, who has recently won the presidential election in his native Liberia. If Weah has secured the status of leader of the nation legally, then Zlatan Ibrahimovic was for himself something akin to the God.

It’s not a happenstance that this great egomaniac has spent the brightest years of Neymar career in PSG, because he could feel like a king in the “Park of the Princes”. In addition to him PSG has possessed other players with an outstanding ego: Anelka, Ginola, Beckham, the latter is Serge Aurier.

The team, whose fans have worshipped the talent of Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Weah, Simone, Rai and Carlos Bianchi, can give Neymar the role of the first star. In general, everyone understands that the player goes to PSG not only for millions of sheikhs, but also for glory, which he has lacked in the shadow of Messi.

Debut was a success. Neymar made a goal and pass in the first match for PSG.

The star rookie of PSG Neymar has already begun to meet the expectations of the club management, who has spent 222 million EUR for the transfer. 25-year-old Brazilian has made his debut in the second round match of French League 1 against Guingamp. The first try of Neymar stats was lucky.

In the 62nd minute of the match Neymar was assisted by Edinson Cavani, and 20 minutes later striker set the final score in the match (3:0), confidently beating the keeper of Guingamp.

After the game Brazilian admitted that he was pleased with his first match in PSG: “People think that transfer from “Barcelona” means death for a football player. But it’s not – I’m alive even more than ever.”

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