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Match Dates, Schedule & Venues of FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

Match Dates, Schedule & Venues of FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

After the com­ple­tion of qual­i­fic­a­tion matches & draw of all 32 teams, FIFA has announced match sched­ule of World cup. The cere­mony of tour­na­ment will be organ­ized on 12 June 2013 & from next day the world tour­na­ment will begin. On 1st match day, 2 matches will be played one of which is of host team & the oth­er one is of Mex­ico Vs Cameroon. The home team Brazil will play first match against Croa­tia in Sao Paulo. So here we are shar­ing all match date of FIFA World Cup 2014.

Match schedule of FIFA World Cup 2014

Match dates of world cup 2014

This world cup is con­sidered as the best tour­na­ment right from first match. The cur­rent world Cham­pi­ons Spain will play its first match of group stage against cur­rent vice cham­pi­ons Neth­er­lands. Neth­er­lands faced close loss in the finals of last world cup which was organ­ized in South Africa. So it’s great to see both teams once again against each oth­er right from first match.

From 13 June 2013, Group stage matches will be played & on 26 June, last match will be played. That means group matches will end on 26 June.

2 days later, the round of 16 will be held in Belo Hori­zonte & Rio de Jan­erio. The qual­i­fied teams form group stage will enter into Round of 16.

On July 4 & July 5 2013, matches of quarter finals will be played. On July 8 & 9, the semi finals will be played.

On 13 July Sunday, final match between the two final­ists will be played & the cham­pi­on of world cup will be awar­ded with the golden trophy.

Dates & Venues of World Cup 2014

MatchDateHead to HeadVen­ue
113–06Brazil Vs Croa­tiaSao Paulo
213–06Mex­ico Vs CameroonNat­al
1718–06Brazil Vs Mex­icoFortaleza
1818–06Cameroon Vs Croa­tiaManaus
3324–06Cameroon Vs BrazilBra­sil­ia
3424–06Croa­tia Vs Mex­icoRecife
314–16Spain Vs Neth­er­landsSal­vador
414–06Chile Vs Aus­traliaCuiaba
1919–06Spain Vs ChileRio de Jan­erio
2018–06Aus­tralia Vs Neth­er­landsPorto Alegre
3523–06Aus­tralia Vs SpainCur­it­iba
3623–06Neth­er­lands Vs ChileSao Paulo
514–06Colom­bia Vs GreeceBelo Hori­zonte
615–06Cote d’Ivor­ie Vs JapanRecife
2119–06Colom­bia Vs Cote d’Ivor­ieBra­sil­ia
2220–06Japan Vs GreeceNat­al
3725–06Japan Vs Colom­biaCuiaba
3825–06Greece Vs Cote d’Ivor­ieFortaleza
715–06Uruguay Vs Costa RicaFortaleza
815–06Eng­land Vs ItalyManaus
2320–06Uruguay Vs Eng­landSao Paulo
2420–06Italy Vs Costa RicaRecife
3924–06Italy Vs UruguayNat­al
4024–06Costa Rica Vs Eng­landBelo Hori­zonte
915–06Switzer­land Vs EcuadorBra­sil­ia
1016–16France Vs Hon­dur­asPorto Alegre
2521–06Switzer­land Vs FranceSal­vador
2621–06Hon­dur­as Vs EcuadorCur­it­iba
4126–06Hon­dur­as Vs Switzer­landManaus
4226–06Ecuador Vs FranceRio de Jan­erio
1116–06Argen­tina Vs Bos­nia Herzegov­inaRio de Jan­erio
1217–06Iran Vs Niger­iaCur­it­iba
2721–06Argen­tina Vs IranBelo Hori­zonte
2822–06Niger­ia Vs Bos­nia Herzegov­inaCuiaba
4325–06Niger­ia Vs Argen­tinaPorto Alegre
4425–06Bos­nia Herzegov­ina Vs IranSal­vador
1316–06Ger­many Vs Por­tugalSal­vador
1417–06Ghana Vs USANat­al
2922–06Ger­many Vs GhanaFortaleza
3023–06USA Vs Por­tugalManaus
4526–06USA Vs Ger­manyRecife
4626–06Por­tugal Vs GhanaBra­sil­ia
1517–06Bel­gi­um Vs Alger­iaBelo Hori­zonte
1618–06Rus­sia Vs Korea Repub­licCuiaba
3122–06Bel­gi­um Vs Rus­siaRio de Jan­erio
3223–06Korea Repub­lic Vs Alger­iaPorto Alegre
4727–06Korea Repub­lic Vs Bel­gi­umSao Paulo
4827–06Alger­ia Vs Rus­siaCur­it­iba

2014 World cup match dates & Venues

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