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Mario Gotze Hairstyle Name & Tutorial

Mario Gotze Hairstyle Name, How Copy His Haircut

Here comes one of the most sexiest footballer of the decade. Mario Gotze, the player who was awarded with most sexiest player award of Germany in 2014. This time, we are going to talk about the hairstyle name of Mario Gotze & we’ll teach you, how to make hairstyle of Gotze with the help of video tutorial. He is currently playing for German top club Bayern Munich & also for his national football team. So just continue to read to copy his hairstyle.

Hairstyle of Mario Gotze

Mario Gotze Hairstyle Name & Tutorial The hairstyle of Gotze looks like that of Tilda Swinton. May be he likes to make Undercat hairstyle which Marco Reus follows as they both knows each other very well. Football stars like Marco Reus, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham tried same haircut, but they keep on changing hairstyle. Gotze likes to keep his hair in medium length. His hairstyle matches with that of his friend Marco Reus who is also fond of making experiments with his haircut. Along with making different hairstyles, both are fans of Justin Bieber specially Reus who is big fan of Bieber. In an interview with GQ Germany, Mario Gotze said “Marco is a mad Justin Bieber fan. I’m on nowhere on that level”.

How to make this hairstyle?

To make hairstyle like Mario Gotze, just watch this video & learn to copy his hairstyle. Like other football players, Gotze likes to make puff of forehead using gel.  So you can also make this hair style after having a look on video which is given above. As football is the most favorite game of Germans & lots of youngsters see these footballers as their idols. They copy not only their playing style, but also their looks, uniforms & hair cuts.

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