Monday , 19 April 2021
“manchester have nearly acquired harry maguire”

Manchester United are a half-step from grasping Harry Maguire

Manchester United have nearly signed Harry Maguire. It’s become possible due to the fact that their fierce counterparts Manchester City fail to accept Leicester’s valuation.

Well, for the England centre-half the Foxes are reportedly eager to get no less than $93,92m. As for Manchester City, they are definitely reluctant to shell out another world record amount for the defender. It helps Manchester United to finally grasp the sportsman they’ve been hunting for since January.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have also come up with a $62,62m inquiry for the player and they made it clear that the club can’t afford to pay more the sportsman whose transfer from Hull two years ago was worth just $21.20m.

SunSports disclosed that the player revealed his intention to leave to Leicester. However, at the end of the previous season, Leicester were assured that having singed another five-year deal with them last September would be willing to remain with them at least one more campaign.

Leicester are already considering probable replacements for their defender. Gary Cahill who has recently abandoned Chelsea might be that candidate.

“manchester have nearly acquired harry maguire”

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