Tuesday , 10 September 2019
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Manchester City sign Slobodan Tedic for

Manchester City sign Slobodan Tedic for $3,32m

Manchester City have already signed Slobodan Tedic. The player will move to them from Cukaricki in 2020 once the transfer window opens again.

For this season, the teen striker has managed to shoot four goals for 9 appearances, thus building a sturdy 2018/19 campaign in Serbia’s SuperLiga.

Manchester City noticed the young skilled and promising sportsman and hurried op to have him signed for $3,32m.

The transfer is going to be officially carried out in January 2020. However, other sources state that the young player might stay on loan at his club for the rest of the football season because he appreciates playing first-team football.

The player aged 19 has been scouted a great number of times by the Premier League champions. Nenad Mirosavljevic, Cukaricki’s director of football confessed that Manchester City had been chasing the young player for a long time. He added that representatives of Manchester United watched all of the player’s matches.

“manchester city sign slobodan tedic for $3,32m”

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