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Luka Modric accused of perjury; Lalic: He’s brave

After the news spread that Luka Modric is being accused of perjury during his testimony on Zdravko Mamic case, Croatia coach Zlatko Lalic shared his view on the situation.

After it was made public that Modric is held responsible for perjury, Dalic said that situation is not ideal:

I’m sure Luka feels responsible. I follow the situation, and I’ve talked to him. Knowing Luka, personally and professionally, I know he’d be the one when we need him most. He’s brave, but I won’t share our personal chat with you. The most important to me is for him to get better from injury.
Modric, who injured his hamstring two weeks ago, is back to Real Madrid squad, and he’ll have a chance to return to action against PSG in Champions league Round of 16 encounter. Real won first match 3:1.

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