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Lionel Messi 1st and Cristiano Ronaldo 29th in Europe’s Best Forwards [CIES]

Lionel Messi 1st and Cristiano Ronaldo 29th in Europe’s Best Forwards [CIES]

Accord­ing to CIES Foot­ball Obser­vat­ory, Barcelona’s for­ward Lionel Messi is first, where­as Real Mad­rid wing­er Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo is 29th in top for­wards of European foot­ball. CIES Foot­ball Obser­vat­ory have com­piled the strikers based on their taken-ons, shoot­ing, chances cre­ated, recov­ery, rigour, dis­tri­bu­tion. Year 2015 is turn­ing out to be great for Lionel Messi and worst for Por­tugal cap­tain Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo. Let’s have a look on how they ranked foot­ballers.

Top forwards footballers in 2015 according to CIES

Key Performance Indicators of CIES Football Observatory

  1. Take-on: Strength of a play­er who cre­ates vul­ner­able situ­ations against the oppon­ents by drib­bling or by any oth­er way.
  2. Shoot­ing: Abil­ity of a play­er who takes advant­age of goal oppor­tun­it­ies through great shoot­ing accur­acy.
  3. Chances cre­ated: Key factor of a play­er who cre­ates goal scor­ing chances for his team.
  4. Recov­ery: Prob­ably the abil­ity of a defend­er also, who min­im­ize goal scor­ing oppor­tun­it­ies of the rivals by skill­ful inter­cep­tions
  5. Rigour: Abil­ity of a play­er to decrease goal oppor­tun­it­ies for oppon­ents through robust duel­ing.
  6. Dis­tri­bu­tion: Play­er hav­ing a good con­trol on game with bet­ter ball pos­ses­sion.

Accord­ing to these para­met­ers, CIES have ranked the for­wards from top European foot­ball leagues. It means, Lionel Messi is the most com­plete play­er right now.

After win­ning third Bal­lon D’or this year, Real Mad­rid for­ward Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo have scored just six goals this year. On the oth­er hand, Lionel Messi have net­ted 19 times and is the lead­ing goal scorer of La Liga 2014–15.

Lionel Messi is fol­lowed by Bay­ern Munich star striker Arjen Rob­ben who got 92 points based on the above factors. Anoth­er play­er from Bundes­liga in the form of Bas Dost is lis­ted at third spot with 77 points. Giv­en below is the list of Top 15 for­wards, accord­ing to CIES Foot­ball Obser­vat­ory:

RankFor­ward nameNationClubPoints [CIES]
1Lionel MessiArgen­tinaBar­celona100
2Arjen Rob­benNeth­er­landsBay­ern Munich92
3Bas DostGer­manyWolfs­burg77
4Luis SuarezUruguayBar­celona71
5Diego CostaSpainChelsea61
6Harry KaneEng­landTot­ten­ham Hot­spur57
6Marco ReusGer­manyBor­us­sia Dortmund57
8Lucas Bar­riosArgen­tinaMont­pel­li­er56
9Pierre Emer­ick Aubamey­angFranceBor­us­sia Dortmund55
10Chris­tophe MandanneFranceGuingamp54
11Ant­onie Griez­mannFranceAtletico Mad­rid52
12Ney­mar Juni­orBrazilBar­celona51
13Olivi­er GiroudFranceArsen­al51
14Car­los BaccaColom­biaSevilla51
15Eder Mar­tinsBrazilSamp­dor­ia50

None of Real Mad­rid play­er is lis­ted in top 10 of this rank­ing. The tri of Bar­celona, Messi — Suarez — Ney­mar are there at first, fourth and twelfth spot respect­ively.

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