Friday , 1 July 2022

Kean Gets Support from Football Community After Racist Chant

Moise Kean, the Italian forward was privy to an act of racial abuse when for the Serie A game Juventus had visited Cagliari. The nineteen-year-old player had been mocked all throughout the game by the home supporters with monkey chants. He bravely spread out his hands to celebrate the goal he scored for Juventus. Blaise Matuidi, Frenchman and the fellow teammate had been on the receiving end of the racial chants from Cagliari supporters with Moise Kean.

The football fraternity is supporting Moise Kean together and is being led by Mario Balotelli, Raheem Sterling, and also Memphis Depay along with others. This trio has come forwards and has defended the celebration of Kean and has also condemned the comments of Leonardo Bonucci, the centre-back of Juventus who was the other goal scorer that Kean could have behaved in the right manner. Sterling had been attacked with racial chants and abuse in a time of the game. The winger from Manchester City has experienced this in Monetengro when the twenty-four-year-old player had been in action for England in the time of the qualifier of 2020. Balotelli was also subjected to ill-treatment in the football field all through his career. He had been one of the first players to express his displeasure towards the irrational comments of Bonucci who said that Kean was to blame 50–50 for the racist chants which had been hurled at him. Marseille striker says that Bonucci is lucky that he wasn’t there and that he is shocked that instead of defending Kean, he does this. Source:

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