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Juventus v Barcelona 3-0: What went wrong?

Paulo Dybala scored twice in the match before the break. The team was dominant almost whole game and Chiellini sealed it at 55’. Why did that happen? Why Messy didn’t score against Gianluigi Buffon? Bad day for Barca? All we can say for now that Dybala made the biggest part of the game and his performance is worth of seeing.

Photo by Mike Hewitt

Many call him the Jewel, and after 22 minutes he has shoved to everybody why he is so precious talent of the Italian club. Today skills of 21 y.o. player are put up with a comparison of Messi. At first, he curled the ball into the corner and put Juventus ahead. 15 minutes later Dybala burst another right to the net. He encouraged the team twice that gave a lot of boosts.

Lois Enrique side was too quiet though. Actually, three main attackers didn’t try the best. Messi couldn’t make any impact to the game against aggressive Juventus side. Neymar played without the passion and struggles that we have seen in PSG comeback at the Camp Nou. And Luis Suares was just too sluggish.

Well, Barcelona was in a worse situation and made a glorious comeback. Maybe they could do it again? The score 3-0 is better than 4-0, but now Barca has new trouble. In addition, criticism flows from everywhere, as you can see below.

Still, Juventus did the great. For example, Paulo Dybala scored more in last two Champion League games than he did in last 12. And both strikes in the game was just gorgeous. You just must see it in the new highlights of the match.

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