Thursday , 20 January 2022
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“jermain defoe hopes to get along with rangers”

Jermain Defoe hopes to get along with Rangers

Jermain Defoe, the veteran England striker is geared up towards sharing his unique European experience with Rangers having been blown away by the previous year’s run.
Once the sportsman saw how the Ibrox reacted to their first group-stage appearance for 8 years last January, he made up his mind to become part of Steven Gerrard’s side.

The ex-Tottenham and West Ham player told he appreciates the atmosphere in the team. He added that he closely watched the club’s matches in the group states the previous year and it made him want to get closer to Rangers.

The player aged 36 actually puts a lot of value on his collaboration with Rangers hoping to help them to return to the group stages. From his point of view, the squad has all the necessary skills to achieve tremendous progress soon.

Despite Defoe optimism, Rangers still have much to do before they are able to approach the group stages. For example, on Thursday, they are scheduled to face off with Progres Niederkorn, their fierce counterpart capable of blocking their move to the group stages.

“jermain defoe hopes to get along with rangers”

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