Monday , 2 August 2021
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Henderson: Liverpool Should Be Confident To Win Title

Liverpool should not lose out on the confidence after their loss at Manchester City, says Jordan Henderson as Andy Robertson has taken a vow to fight till the extreme point for the first league of the club in 29 years.


Liverpool had been leading the top of Premier League but this had been reduced by 4 points when they were defeated for the first time in the campaign at the Etihad Stadium. Even though they have lost their unbeaten record, the good quality performance at reigning champions has bolstered the confidence of Henderson that Liverpool gas merely suffered a setback on a temporary basis.

The captain said that there is no need to be carried away by this. It is natural that people and the player will be disappointed with the defeat. However, it is about reaction and he is confident that the players are going to react in the right manner. There is no need to lose confidence after such a game. Of course, the result could have been different but according to him, they had been defeated by a good performing team. Nevertheless, there are some moments in the match where they could have scored a goal or two. But they simply have to accept their defeat. 

The captain said that had created some changes, a great one in the 1st half and some more in the second half. If only they had a little bit of luck, things might have been different.

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