Friday , 1 July 2022

Gary Neville’s Prediction On The Dismissal Of Maurizio Sarri

According to Gary Neville, it is only a matter of time before the manager of Chelsea, Maurizio Sarri is sacked. He believes that this is going to happen towards the end of the season. Chelsea had been pushed to the bottom of the table after their match with Huddersfield by 5–0 on Saturday at Stamford Bridge. However, it came after suffering the defeat against Bournemouth and Arsenal. 

Reports have been doing rounds that there has been unrest in the club’s dressing room. Chelsea saw the resurgent Man United move to 2 points behind them in a match to secure a place at top four. Neville believes that Sarri is not going to be at the club by the starting of 2019–20. He says that he thinks that Chelsea is not going to dismiss him while the season is going on. However, there are warning signs which give him the feeling that it would not be surprising if it proceeds more than summer. He states that he is not saying it because he wants him to leave; he feels that Sarri is doing a good job. However, looking at it, he might have realized the job that he is in. According to him, Sarri has taken a look at his players and he is seeing that they are not actually doing what he would want them to do. Neville believes that the players might not ever do what it wants. Any manager will get maximum of one year out of the club. This is because it is the nature of the club.

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