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Gareth Bale headed back to Premier league?

The story about Gareth Bale‘s return to Premier league is not a new one, but according to news reports coming from Spain and England, it is more possible than not.

According to ESPN, Bale could leave Madrid this summer, if one someone offers around €90m.

Rumors say that possible clubs who could spend this kind of money in order to bring him back to Premier league are his former club Tottenham, his old time chaser Manchester United, and, as a new add-on to the list of names, Chelsea.

Spanish Diario Gol reports that Bale and his manager Jonathan Barnett have an understanding with Real about possible transfer.

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Team from Madrid is expected to make a real splash when the summer transfer period starts, with Harry Kane, Eden Hazard and David de Gea being main targets.

Before that, Welsh international will first have to help his teammates in order to secure win over PSG in rematch of Champions league Round of 16, after 3:1 win in Madrid.

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