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FIFA World Cup 2018 AFC qualifiers fixtures in ist

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Fixtures In IST [Indian Standard Time]

2018 FIFA World Cup South America [CONMEBOL] Fixtures

2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers South America fixtures

MatchDate [India]Time [IST]
Round 1
Bolivia vs Uruguay9 Oct 20151:30 am
Colombia vs Peru9 Oct 20151:30 am
Venezuela vs Paraguay9 Oct 20152:30 am
Chile vs Brazil9 Oct 20154:30 am
Argentina vs Ecuador9 Oct 20155:30 am
Ecuador vs Bolivia14 Oct 20152:30 am
Uruguay vs Colombia14 Oct 20153:30 am
Paraguay vs Argentina14 Oct 20155:30 am
Brazil vs Venezuela14 Oct 20156:30 am
Peru vs Chile14 Oct 20157:30 am
Bolivia vs Colombia25 Mar 20161:30 am
Ecuador vs Paraguay25 Mar 20162:30 am
Chile vs Argentina25 Mar 20165:30 am
Peru vs Venezuela25 Mar 20167:30 am
Brazil vs Uruguay26 Mar 20165:30 am
Argentina vs Bolivia30 Mar 20164:30 am
Colombia vs Ecuador30 Mar 20161:30 am
Uruguay vs Peru30 Mar 20164:30 am
Venezuela vs Chile30 Mar 20164:30 am
Paraguay vs Brazil30 Mar 20164:30 am

2018 FIFA World Cup Oceania Fixtures

MatchDate [India]Time [IST]
Round 2
Tahiti vs Samoa28 May 20184:00 pm
Papua New Guinea vs New Caledonia28 May 20187:00 pm
New Zealand vs Fiji29 May 20184:00 pm
Vanuatu vs Solomon Islands29 May 20187:00 pm
New Caledonia vs Samoa31 May 20184:00 pm
Papua New Guinea vs Tahiti31 May 20187:00 pm
Vanuatu vs New Zealand01 Jun 20164:00 pm
Solomon Islands vs Fiji01 Jun 20167:00 pm
Tahiti vs New Caledonia04 Jun 20164:00 pm
Papua New Guinea vs Samoa04 Jun 20167:00 pm
New Zealand vs Solomon Islands05 Jun 20164:00 pm
Fiji vs Vanuatu05 Jun 20167:00 pm

Note: All match date and timings are in Indian Standard Time

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