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ESPN Channel will telecast in USA

FIFA World Cup 2014 USA & Canada TV Schedule, EST Time & Telecast

ESPN along with ABC & Univision will telecast all action in of FIFA World Cup matches in USA. The competition is beginning from 12 June in Brazil this year. All rights holders are all set to create a new record in this tournament & why not as it is football. All 64 matches will be broadcasted by ESPN in United States in high definition including other channels ABC & Univision. Check out the schedule of 2014 World Cup in USA below.

FIFA World Cup 2014 TV Schedule in USA

FIFA World Cup 2014 TV Schedule

Match Time Channel Group Venue
Brazil vs Croatia 3:30 pm ESPN A Sao Paulo
Mexico vs Cameroon 11:30 am ESPN2 A Natal
Spain vs Netherlands 02:30 pm ESPN B Salvador
Chile vs Australia 05:30 pm ESPN2 B Cuiaba
Colombia vs Greece 11:30 am C Belo Horizonte
Uruguay vs Costa Rica 2:30 pm D Fortaleza
England vs Italy 5:30 pm D Manaus
Ivory Coast vs Japan 8:30 pm C Recife
Switzerland vs Ecuador 11:30 am E Brasilia
France vs Honduras 2:30 pm E Porto Alegre
Argentina vs Bosnia Herzegovina 5:30 pm F Rio de Janerio
Germany vs Portugal 11:30 am G Salvador
Iran vs Nigeria 2:30 pm F Curitiba
Ghana vs United States 5:30 pm G Natal
Belgium vs Algeria 11:30 am H Belo Horizonte
Brazil vs Mexico 2:30 pm A Fortaleza
Russia vs South Korea 5:30 pm H Cuiaba
Australia vs Netherlands 11:30 am B Porto Alegre
Spain vs Chile 2:30 pm B Rio de Janerio
Cameroon vs Croatia 5:30 pm A Manaus
Colombia vs Ivory Coast 11:30 am C Brasilia
Uruguay vs England 2:30 pm D Sao Paulo
Japan vs Greece 5:30 pm C Natal
Italy vs Costa Rica 11:30 am D Recife
Switzerland vs France 2:30 pm E Salvador
Honduras vs Ecuador 5:30 pm E Curitiba
Argentina vs Iran 11:30 am F Belo Horizonte
Germany vs Ghana 2:30 pm G Fortaleza
Nigeria vs Bosnia Herzegovina 5:30 pm F Cuiaba
Belgium vs Russia 11:30 am H Rio de Janerio
South Korea vs Algeria 2:30 pm H Porto Alegre
United States vs Portugal 5:30 pm G Manuas
Netherlands vs Chile 11:30 am B Sao Paulo
Australia vs Spain 11:30 am B Curitiba
Croatia vs Mexico 3:30 pm A Recife
Cameroon vs Brazil 3:30 pm A Brasilia
Italy vs Uruguay 11:30 am D Natal
Costa Rica vs England 11:30 am D Belo Horizonte
Japan vs Colombia 3:30 pm C Cuiaba
Greece vs Ivory Coast 3:30 pm C Fortaleza
Nigeria vs Argentina 11:30 am F Porto Alegre
Bosnia Herzegovina vs Iran 11:30 am F Salvador
Ecuador vs France 3:30 pm E Rio de Janerio
Honduras vs Switzerland 3:30 pm E Manaus
United States vs Germany 11:30 am G Recife
Portugal vs Ghana 11:30 am G Brasilia
South Korea vs Belgium 3:30 pm H Sao Paulo
Algeria vs Russia 3:30 pm H Curitiba

ESPN will broadcast 43 matches of this tournament, while its partner ESPN2 will telecast 11 games. Other channel ABC will televise 10 games including game of Greece vs Colombia at 11:30 am. The opening match between the most successful team of this campaign & Croatia & timing of this game according to EST is 3:30 pm. Telecast channels of this match are ESPN & WatchESPN. On same day. The coverage of ESPN of every match will be preceded by a 30 minute pregame show, including teams walking onto the pitch. The 30 minute match show, halftime and post match segments will anchor the surround programming around each match presentation. Broadcasting rights have been sold directly by Football Internationale de Football Association [FIFA], or through licensed companies or organizations like European Broadcasting Union, Organizacion de Television Iberomericana, International Media Content, Dentsu, RS International Broadcasting & Sports Management and MP & Silva.

ESPN Channel will telecast in USA

ESPN Channel will telecast in USA

ESPN will telecast all matches of this tournament right from start of tournament in United States. All ESPN as well as ESPN2 games will be available on WatchESPN, whereas, ABC games will be available on Watch ABC. The ESPN telecast channel is awarded with more than 40 industry awards. These awards includes 3 Sports Emmys, for its presentation of FIFA World Cup 2010 which was held in South Africa. This channel has entertained football fans in last world cup tournaments which includes World Cup of South Africa [2010], Germany [2006], Korea/Japan [2002], France [1998], USA [1994], Mexico [1986] & Spain [1982].

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