Monday , 17 January 2022
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“ffa hunts for a replacement for gallop”

FFA hunts for a replacement for Gallop

Football Federation Australia is currently looking for someone who could replace David Gallop as a chief executive. That’s the first such a case in the history of the organization when they require such a replacement.

David Gallop stepped down on Thursday. Since that time the criteria for the post hasn’t been finalized yet. Nevertheless, the directors are already assured that the new executive should boast a successful football career.

The organization has already put aside a number of candidates. Among them, we can see Mark Falvo, Danny Townsend, Craig Foster, Peter Filopoulos, John Didulica.

In a couple of weeks, this preliminary list could be extended as soon as the federation will take advantage of a recruitment company to have their replacement issue resolved.

The matter is that the vacant executive’s position now differs from what David Gallop was used to doing for the last seven years. The newly-resigned executive oversaw a key domestic competition, while his upcoming replacement is expected to closely watch government relations.

“ffa hunts for a replacement for gallop”

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