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EURO 2016 Qualifying Wiki, Match Dates of Qualification

After the draw of EURO 2016, the qualification match dates of the competition are revealed by UEFA. This round will run for more than one year. The qualification games for the finals will start from 7 September 2014 to November 2015. In this round 53 national teams will play games against their respective group teams & the top 23 national teams will qualify for the finals. Host team France has already qualified for the competition as the nation is hosting this tournament.

UEFA EURO 2016 qualification fixtures of all teams

EURO 2016 Qualification Fixtures

On opening day, 3 times champion Germany will play against Scotland, whereas Georgia against Republic of Ireland & Gibraltar against Poland. Every team will play 2 games each against all in their group. This is the fifteenth European Championship of this competition. In Earlier competitions, finals were being played between 16 teams, but it will be played between 24 teams for the first time. Here is the list of qualification match dates of all team groups.

Kazakhstan vs LatviaAndorra vs Wales09-09-2014
Czech Republic vs NetherlandsBosnia vs Cyprus09-09-2014
Iceland vs TurkeyIsrael vs Belgium09-09-2014
Latvia vs IcelandBelgium vs Andorra10-10-2014
Netherlands vs KazakhstanCyprus vs Israel10-10-2014
Turkey vs Czech RepublicWales vs Bosnia10-10-2014
Kazakhstan vs Czech RepublicAndorra vs Israel13-10-2014
Iceland vs NetherlandsBosnia vs Belgium13-10-2014
Latvia Vs TurkeyWales vs Cyprus13-11-2014
Netherlands vs LatviaBelgium vs Wales16-11-2014
Czech Republic vs IcelandCyprus vs Andorra16-11-2014
Turkey vs KazakhstanIsrael vs Bosnia16-11-2014
Kazakhstan vs IcelandAndorra vs Bosnia28-03-2015
Czech Republic vs LatviaBelgium vs Cyprus28-03-2015
Netherlands vs TurkeyIsrael vs Wales28-03-2015
Kazakhstan vs TurkeyAndorra vs Cyprus12-06-2015
Iceland vs Czech RepublicBosnia vs Israel12-06-2015
Latvia vs NetherlandsWales vs Belgium12-06-2015
Czech Republic vs KazakhstanBelgium vs Bosnia03-09-2015
Netherlands vs IrelandCyprus vs Wales03-09-2015
Turkey vs LatviaIsrael vs Andorra03-09-2015
Latvia vs Czech RepublicWales vs Israel06-09-2015
Turkey vs NetherlandsBosnia vs Andorra06-09-2015
Iceland vs KazakhstanCyprus vs Belgium06-09-2015
Iceland vs LatviaAndorra vs Belgium10-10-2015
Kazakhstan vs NetherlandsBosnia vs Wales10-10-2015
Czech Republic vs TurkeyIsrael vs Cyprus10-10-2015
Latvia vs KazakhstanBelgium vs Israel13-10-2015
Netherlands vs Czech RepublicCyprus vs Bosnia13-10-2015
Turkey vs IcelandWales vs Andorra13-10-2015
Luxembourg vs BelarusGeorgia vs Republic of Ireland7-09-2014
Spain vs MacedoniaGermany vs Scotland7-09-2014
Ukraine vs SlovakiaGibraltar vs Poland7-09-2014
Belarus vs UkraineRepublic of Ireland vs Gibraltar11-10-2014
Macedonia vs LuxembourgScotland vs Georgia11-10-2014
Slovakia vs SpainPoland vs Germany11-10-2014
Ukraine vs MacedoniaGermany vs Republic of Ireland14-10-2014
Belarus vs SlovakiaGibraltar vs Georgia14-10-2014
Luxembourg vs SpainPoland vs Scotland14-10-2014
Luxembourg vs UkraineGeorgia vs Poland14-10-2014
Macedonia vs SlovakiaGermany vs Gibraltar14-11-2014
Spain vs BelarusScotland vs Republic of Ireland14-11-2014
Macedonia vs BelarusGeorgia vs Germany29-03-2015
Slovakia vs LuxembourgScotland vs Gibraltar29-03-2015
Spain vs UkraineRepublic of Ireland vs Poland29-03-2015
Ukraine vs LuxembourgPoland vs Georgia13-06-2015
Belarus vs SpainRepublic of Ireland vs Scotland13-06-2015
Slovakia vs MacedoniaGibraltar vs Germany13-06-2015
Luxembourg vs MacedoniaGeorgia vs Scotland04-09-2015
Ukraine vs BelarusGermany vs Poland04-09-2015
Spain vs SlovakiaGibraltar vs Republic of Ireland04-09-2015
Belarus vs LuxembourgPoland vs Gibraltar07-09-2015
Macedonia vs SpainRepublic of Ireland vs Georgia07-09-2015
Slovakia vs UkraineScotland vs Germany07-09-2015
Macedonia vs UkraineGeorgia vs Gibraltar08-10-2015
Slovakia vs BelarusRepublic of Ireland vs Germany08-10-2015
Spain vs LuxembourgScotland vs Poland08-10-2015
Belarus vs MacedoniaGermany vs Georgia11-10-2015
Luxembourg vs SlovakiaGibraltar vs Scotland11-10-2015
Ukraine vs SpainPoland vs Republic of Ireland11-10-2015
Estonia vs SloveniaHungary vs Northern Ireland7-09-2014
San Marino vs LithuaniaFaroe vs Finland7-09-2014
Switzerland vs EnglandGreece vs Romania7-09-2014
England vs San MarinoRomania vs Hungary11-10-2014
Lithuania vs EstoniaFinland vs Greece11-10-2014
Slovenia vs SwitzerlandNorthern Ireland vs Faroe Island11-10-2014
Estonia vs EnglandFaroe Island vs Hungary14-10-2014
Lithuania vs SloveniaFinland vs Romania14-10-2014
Switzerland vs SwitzerlandGreece vs Northern Ireland14-10-2014
England vs SloveniaGreece vs Faroe Island14-11-2014
San Marino vs EstoniaHungary vs Finland14-11-2014
Switzerland vs LithuaniaRomania vs Northern Ireland14-11-2014
England vs LithuaniaNorthern Ireland vs Finland29-03-2015
Slovenia vs San MarinoRomania vs Faroe Island29-03-2015
Switzerland vs EstoniaHungary vs Greece29-03-2015
Estonia vs San MarinoFinland vs Hungary13-06-2015
Slovenia vs EnglandFaroe Island vs Greece13-06-2015
Lithuania vs SwitzerlandNorthern Ireland vs Romania13-06-2015
Estonia vs LithuaniaFaroe Island vs Northern Ireland04-09-2015
San Marino vs EnglandGreece vs Finland04-09-2015
Switzerland vs SloveniaHungary vs Romania04-09-2015
England vs SwitzerlandFinland vs Faroe island07-09-2015
Lithuania vs San MarinoNorthern Ireland vs Hungary07-09-2015
Slovenia vs EstoniaRomania vs Greece07-09-2015
England vs EstoniaHungary vs Faroe Island08-10-2015
Slovenia vs LithuaniaNorthern Ireland vs Greece08-10-2015
Switzerland vs San MarinoRomania vs Finland08-10-2015
Estonia vs SwitzerlandFaroe Island vs Romania11-10-2015
Lithuania vs EnglandFinland vs Northern Island11-10-2015
San Marino vs SloveniaGreece vs Hungary11-10-2015
Russia vs LiechtensteinAzerbaijan vs Bulgaria9-09-2014
Austria vs SwedenCroatia vs Malta9-09-2014
Montenegro vs MoldovaNorway vs Italy9-09-2014
Liechtenstein vs MontenegroBulgaria vs Croatia10-10-2014
Moldova vs AustriaItaly vs Azerbaijan10-10-2014
Sweden vs RussiaMalta vs Norway10-10-2014
Austria vs MontenegroCroatia vs Azerbaijan13-10-2014
Russia vs MoldovaMalta vs Italy13-10-2014
Sweden vs LiechtensteinNorway vs Bulgaria13-10-2014
Austria vs RussiaAzerbaijan vs Norway16-11-2014
Moldova vs LiechtensteinBulgaria vs Malta16-11-2014
Montenegro vs SwedenItaly vs Croatia16-11-2014
Liechtenstein vs AustriaAzerbaijan vs Malta28-03-2015
Moldova vs SwedenCroatia vs Norway28-03-2015
Montenegro vs RussiaBulgaria vs Italy28-03-2015
Liechtenstein vs MoldovaCroatia vs Italy12-06-2015
Russia vs AustriaMalta vs Bulgaria12-06-2015
Sweden vs MontenegroNorway vs Azerbaijan12-06-2015
Russia vs SwedenAzerbaijan vs Croatia03-09-2015
Austria vs MoldovaBulgaria vs Norway03-09-2015
Montenegro vs LiechtensteinItaly vs Malta03-09-2015
Liechtenstein s RussiaMalta vs Azerbaijan06-09-2015
Moldova vs MontenegroNorway vs Croatia06-09-2015
Sweden vs AustriaItaly vs Bulgaria06-09-2015
Liechtenstein vs SwedenAzerbaijan vs Italy10-10-2015
Moldova vs RussiaNorway vs Malta10-10-2015
Montenegro vs AustriaCroatia vs Bulgaria10-10-2015
Austria vs LiechtensteinBulgaria vs Azerbaijan13-10-2015
Russia vs MontenegroItaly vs Norway13-10-2015
Sweden vs MoldovaMalta vs Croatia
Denmark vs Armenia7-09-2014
Portugal vs Albania7-09-2014
Armenia vs Serbia11-10-2014
Albania vs Denmark11-10-2014
Denmark vs Portugal14-10-2014
Serbia vs Albania14-10-2014
Portugal vs Armenia14-10-2014
Serbia vs Denmark14-10-2014
Albania vs Armenia29-03-2015
Portugal vs Serbia29-03-2015
Armenia vs Portugal13-06-2015
Denmark vs Serbia13-06-2015
Denmark Albania04-09-2015
Serbia vs Armenia04-09-2015
Armenia vs Denmark07-09-2015
Albania vs Portugal07-09-2015
Albania vs Serbia08-10-2015
Portugal vs Denmark08-10-2015
Armenia vs Albania11-10-2015
Serbia vs Portugal11-10-2015


This is the 15th competition of EURO competition. Based on performance of each team, points will be given & top teams of every team will qualify for the finals of UEFA EURO 2016. From 10 June 2016 to 10 July 2016, final games will be played in France.

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