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England vs Wales Head to Head Stats in Football

England Vs Wales Head To Head Stats In Football History

England Vs Wales Head To Head Stats In Football History: Here is the head to head stats in football of the adjoining boundaries countries England and Wales. Both teams have met 66 times at the international level in football in which England record is slightly good against their neighbor country Wales. England have won 21 games while Wales won 14 games and remaining 21 matches ended without results. Check out England Vs Wales Head To Head Stats In Football History.

England Vs Wales Head To Head Stats In Football History

DateTeamScoreTournamentWinning Team
18 Jan 1879England v Wales2–1International friendlyEngland
15 Mar 1880Wales v England2–3International friendlyEngland
26 Feb 1881England v Wales0–1International friendlyWales
13 Mar 1882Wales v England5–3International friendlyWales
03 Feb 1883England v Wales5–0International friendlyEngland
17 Mar 1884Wales v England0–4British ChampionshipsEngland
14 Mar 1885England v Wales1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
29 Mar 1886Wales v England1–3British ChampionshipsEngland
26 Feb 1887England v Wales4–0British ChampionshipsEngland
04 Feb 1888England v Wales5–1British ChampionshipsEngland
23 Feb 1889England v Wales4–1British ChampionshipsEngland
15 Mar 1890Wales v England1–3British ChampionshipsEngland
07 Mar 1891England v Wales4–1British ChampionshipsEngland
05 Mar 1892Wales v England0–2British ChampionshipsEngland
13 Mar 1893England v Wales6–0British ChampionshipsEngland
12 Mar 1894Wales v England1–5British ChampionshipsEngland
18 Mar 1895England v Wales1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
16 Mar 1896Wales v England1–9British ChampionshipsEngland
29 Mar 1897England v Wales4–0British ChampionshipsEngland
28 Mar 1898Wales v England0–3British ChampionshipsEngland
20 Mar 1899England v Wales4–0British ChampionshipsEngland
26 Mar 1900Wales v England1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
18 Mar 1901England v Wales6–0British ChampionshipsEngland
03 Mar 1902Wales v England0–0British ChampionshipsDraw
02 Mar 1903England v Wales2–1British ChampionshipsEngland
29 Feb 1904Wales v England2–2British ChampionshipsDraw
27 Mar 1905England v Wales3–1British ChampionshipsEngland
19 Mar 1906Wales v England0–1British ChampionshipsEngland
18 Mar 1907England v Wales1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
16 Mar 1908Wales v England1–7British ChampionshipsEngland
15 Mar 1909England v Wales2–0British ChampionshipsEngland
14 Mar 1910Wales v England0–1British ChampionshipsEngland
13 Mar 1911England v Wales3–0British ChampionshipsEngland
11 Mar 1912Wales v England0–2British ChampionshipsEngland
17 Mar 1913England v Wales4–3British ChampionshipsEngland
16 Mar 1914Wales v England0–2British ChampionshipsEngland
15 Mar 1920England v Wales1–2British ChampionshipsWales
14 Mar 1921Wales v England0–0British ChampionshipsDraw
13 Mar 1922England v Wales1–0British ChampionshipsEngland
05 Mar 1923Wales v England2–2British ChampionshipsDraw
03 Mar 1924England v Wales1–2British ChampionshipsWales
28 Feb 1925Wales v England1–2British ChampionshipsEngland
01 Mar 1926England v Wales1–3British ChampionshipsWales
12 Feb 1927Wales v England3–3British ChampionshipsDraw
28 Nov 1927England v Wales1–2British ChampionshipsWales
17 Nov 1928Wales v England2–3British ChampionshipsEngland
20 Nov 1929England v Wales6–0British ChampionshipsEngland
22 Nov 1930Wales v England0–4British ChampionshipsEngland
18 Nov 1931England v Wales3–1British ChampionshipsEngland
16 Nov 1932Wales v England0–0British ChampionshipsDraw
15 Nov 1933England v Wales1–2British ChampionshipsWales
29 Sep 1934Wales v England0–4British ChampionshipsEngland
05 Feb 1936England v Wales1–2British ChampionshipsWales
17 Oct 1936Wales v England2–1British ChampionshipsWales
17 Nov 1937England v Wales2–1British ChampionshipsEngland
22 Oct 1938Wales v England4–2British ChampionshipsWales
13 Nov 1946England v Wales3–0British ChampionshipsEngland
18 Oct 1947Wales v England0–3British ChampionshipsEngland
10 Nov 1948England v Wales1–0British ChampionshipsEngland
15 Oct 1949Wales v England1–4FIFA World CupEngland
15 Nov 1950England v Wales4–2British ChampionshipsEngland
20 Oct 1951Wales v England1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
12 Nov 1952England v Wales5–2British ChampionshipsEngland
10 Oct 1953Wales v England1–4FIFA World CupEngland
10 Nov 1954England v Wales3–2British ChampionshipsEngland
22 Oct 1955Wales v England2–1British ChampionshipsWales
14 Nov 1956England v Wales3–1British ChampionshipsEngland
19 Oct 1957Wales v England0–4British ChampionshipsEngland
26 Nov 1958England v Wales2–2British ChampionshipsDraw
17 Oct 1959Wales v England1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
23 Nov 1960England v Wales5–1British ChampionshipsEngland
14 Oct 1961Wales v England1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
21 Nov 1962England v Wales4–0British ChampionshipsEngland
12 Oct 1963Wales v England0–4British ChampionshipsEngland
18 Nov 1964England v Wales2–1British ChampionshipsEngland
02 Oct 1965Wales v England0–0British ChampionshipsDraw
16 Nov 1966England v Wales5–1UEFA European ChampionshipEngland
21 Oct 1967Wales v England0–3UEFA European ChampionshipEngland
07 May 1969England v Wales2–1British ChampionshipsEngland
18 Apr 1970Wales v England1–1British ChampionshipsDraw
19 May 1971England v Wales0–0British ChampionshipsDraw
20 May 1972Wales v England0–3British ChampionshipsEngland
15 Nov 1972Wales v England0–1FIFA World CupEngland
24 Jan 1973England v Wales1–1FIFA World CupDraw
15 May 1973England v Wales3–0British ChampionshipsEngland
11 May 1974Wales v England0–2British ChampionshipsEngland
21 May 1975England v Wales2–2British ChampionshipsDraw
24 Mar 1976Wales v England1–2Centenary MatchEngland
08 May 1976Wales v England0–1British ChampionshipsEngland
31 May 1977England v Wales0–1British ChampionshipsWales
13 May 1978Wales v England1–3British ChampionshipsEngland
23 May 1979England v Wales0–0British ChampionshipsDraw
17 May 1980Wales v England4–1British ChampionshipsWales
20 May 1981England v Wales0–0British ChampionshipsDraw
27 Apr 1982Wales v England0–1British ChampionshipsEngland
23 Feb 1983England v Wales2–1British ChampionshipsEngland
02 May 1984Wales v England1–0British ChampionshipsWales
09 Oct 2004England v Wales2–0FIFA World CupEngland
03 Sep 2005Wales v England0–1FIFA World CupEngland
26 Mar 2011Wales v England0–2UEFA European ChampionshipEngland
06 Sep 2011England v Wales1–0UEFA European ChampionshipEngland

Note: The head to head stats of England vs Wales is upto 6th September 2011.

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