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Download Wayne Rooney Skills, Goals Videos Free 3GP, MP4

Free download of Wayne Rooney skills and goals videos for your mobile, tablet, PC or smartphones are available here. We are also providing the online watch of Rooney’s best goals videos which can be saved into your device. The player scored lots of stunning goals in his career that’s why he is known as one of the best footballers of today’s generation. The British player is still playing for Manchester United that he joined in 2004 after leaving Everton. Scroll down to download free skills and goals videos of Wayne Rooney right over here.

Download Wayne Rooney Skills goals videos

Download Wayne Rooney Skills Videos

With every download link, we are also providing YouTube video that will help you to download the best video. So before saving any video, it is recommended that you watch the video before downloading. In the year of 2011, Wayne Rooney was compared with Brazil’s legend Pele.

The English forward draws the comparisons south American players as he gets off to a great start to the Premier League season. At that time, he was playing under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson who said “Look at Pele. He was a very aggressive attacker as well who could look after himself. So can Rooney.”

Download Wayne Rooney Goals and Skills 2011 HD

Download Video

Wayne Rooney Amazing Skills, Passes 2014-15

Download Video

Benfica manager Jorge Jesus said “Rooney is the best British player so far, but he plays like an Argentinian or Brazilian. He can decide a match in the last third of the field.”

Wayne Rooney Goals Videos Download For Mobile

The player is playing for Manchester United since 2004, won lots of trophies and number of awards. Today, he is one of the best football players across the world and is the best in British team. After downloading skills videos, now download goals videos of Rooney.

Best Goals of Rooney at Manchester United

Download Video

Wayne Rooney All 50 Goals For England

Download Video

Procedure to download Rooney’s goal videos

In order to download the goals videos of Wayne Rooney, all you have to do is just follow the simple instructions which are given below.

  • Click on the link which is given below every video.
  • After clicking, you will land to a new page from where you can save these videos to your mobile, smartphone or any device.
  • These videos are available in 3GP and MP4 format which are supportable for almost all devices. Just select your priority and save them to your smartphone.

So download these videos and share them with your friends, football fans using the social buttons.

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