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Disastrous match for Barcelona: Twitter Reaction to the game

Yesterday PSG have had just the gorgeous win against Barca. For Parisians it’s was the wonderful moment in their football history. But others are beginning to think about an end of Barcelona’s era.

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For the first time since 2007 Barcelona could fail to reach the Champions League quarter-final. And today is all not about how good were PSG, but how bad were Catalonians.

Especially most of the fails belong to Luis Enrique. The manager had faced intense criticism to his side. Should be admitting it’s not surprising. If you have a significant player in face of Messi who can’t play properly that only means coach’s incompetence. Luis Enrique’s future in Barcelona remains questionable.

It seems that everything went wrong for Barca. They weren’t dominant in midfield, overrun or defense. First 2-0 of Julian Draxler made great inspiration for PSG. Then Parisian’s dominance was inevitable. As result Angel Di Maria scored 3-0 after a break. And Edinson Cavani has finished the match with number four.

Barcelona literally was being torn apart by limb from limb. Despite that social media was unforgivable to the Spanish club. And today bloody ‘Valentine’s massacre’ continues on Twitter.

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