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Devalued: the ten most cheaper players in 2021

Football ratings are always compiled, regardless of what stage the season is at. However, the cost of players is a separate topic for conversation. The price tag of a football player may depend on various factors: a successful interval, the importance for the team, the duration of the injury, and so on. Recently, the Transfermarkt portal has once again updated the cost of players. Against this background, it is possible to trace how the price tag of a particular football player changes and draw certain conclusions. Next, let’s look at the ten most cheaper players in 2021.

Roberto Firmino: 50 million euros (-22 million)

Roberto Firmino - 2019–20 Premier League

Recently, the effectiveness of Firmino has been declining. After moving to Liverpool, the striker scored ten or more goals per season in the Premier League for four years. In the previous two campaigns, the striker recorded nine goals each. The indicator is not the highest, given that the Brazilian plays 36–38 matches in the Premier League. All this also affects the player’s transfer value, which has decreased by 22 million euros during the current year. Firmino was rated the highest at the end of 2019. Then the transfer cost of the striker was 90 million euros. Since then, the price of a football player has gradually fallen.

Clement Langlais: 25 million euros (-25 million)

The current year is far from ideal for Langle. The defender of “Barcelona” is often criticized for productive mistakes and a weak game in general. It was even rumoured that the Catalans want to sell the Frenchman, although the player does not plan to change the team yet. For seven months of this year, the football player has fallen in price by two times. This is a severe regression indicator. Langle’s highest transfer price was recorded in December 2019. Then the defender was estimated at 60 million euros.
In comparison, the Frenchman is far from those financial indicators. Perhaps he really could use a change of scenery. Roma is showing interest in the player.

Renan Lodi: 25 million euros (-25 million)

Lodi has the same situation as Langle. For seven months, the defender of “Atletico” has fallen in price by two times. Last season, the Brazilian spent an average of 49 minutes per match on the field. This is the worst indicator in his career. Diego Simeone often left the player on the bench, and even then, did not let him out on the field at all. This was reflected in the player’s transfer value, far from the total figure of 50 million euros. In the current season, Lodi played two matches in La Liga but spent only 13 minutes on the field in total. Perhaps the Brazilian’s situation will change in the future, but for now, it looks unlikely.

Virgil van Dijk: 55 million euros (-25 million)

Bob Paisley - Liverpool F.C.

Everything is clear with van Dyck. No one doubts the quality and professional aptitude of the Liverpool defender. However, the transfer cost of the Dutchman was affected by the fact that he missed almost the entire last season. The player managed to play only five matches in the Premier League, after which he was seriously injured and was out for an extended period. Now van Dijk is already in the ranks. Who knows, perhaps Virgil will still return to the record figures of December 2019, when his transfer value was 100 million euros. Many experts note that with the return of the Dutchman, Liverpool again becomes a contender for the title.

Neymar: 100 million euros (-28 million)

Last season was not the most productive for Neymar. The PSG forward was often injured and often missed games due to disqualifications. As a result-only nine goals were scored in Ligue 1. This is the worst performance indicator of a Brazilian in the last eight years. Before that, the player scored less than ten goals in the championship in his first season at Barcelona.
Nevertheless, the transfer value of the player remains high. It is worth noting that Transfermarkt has never estimated Neymar in the 222 million euros that PSG paid for him. The highest figure for a Brazilian is 180 million in June 2019.

Miralem Pjanic: 20 million euros (-30 million)

Miralem Pjanić - FC Barcelona

The move from Juventus to Barcelona turned out to be a disaster for Pjanic. Last season, Miralem played 19 matches in La Liga without practical actions, spending an average of 33 minutes on the field. This is the worst performance in the Bosnian’s career. The midfielder did not appear in the area in the current campaign, although the Catalans have already played two matches. In Spain, they write that the “blue-garnet” want to get rid of the football player, but there are no genuine buyers. This is even though the player has seriously fallen in price. The peak of Pjanic’s transfer price lasted from October 2018 to December 2019. During this period, the Bosnian was estimated at 70 million euros. Since then, the transfer value of the midfielder has been decreasing.

Philippe Coutinho: 30 million euros (-30 million)

Coutinho continues to have problems – both with injuries and with playing time. It’s hard to believe that a football player for whom Barcelona paid 135 million euros is now worth only 30 million. According to Transfermarkt, the Brazilian was estimated at as much as 150 million euros in December 2018. These were the highest indicators of the player. The midfielder has rapidly fallen in price. This was influenced by the instability at Barcelona, the loan to Bayern, and the injury, which Phil has not played since the beginning of the year. Coutinho’s future at the Catalan club is in significant doubt. The media write that the Catalans have been looking for a buyer for the player for several months. At the same time, the coach of the “blue-garnet”, Ronald Koeman, says that he is counting on the player.

Saul: 40 million euros (-30 million euros)

Saúl Ñíguez - Manchester United F.C.

Last season was not easy for Saul. Being one of the leaders of Atletico, he turned into a rotation player. In the championship season for the team, Diego Simeone, for some reason, counted on the midfielder less than usual. After last season, the transfer price of the Spaniard has significantly sunk. It was a record in the period from October 2018 to December 2019. The player was then estimated at 90 million euros. This season, Saul played two full matches for Atletico in La Liga and even scored an assist. However, talk about his possible departure from the team does not stop. The Premier League clubs are ready to shelter the player.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: 75 million euros (-35 million euros)

Trent had a compelling 2019/20 season when he made 14 assists in the Premier League alone. The Liverpool defender then became the second-best assistant in the league after Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. In the last campaign, the pupil of the “reds” has already made seven fewer assists, and in general, he did not look so bright. Trent was not wrong in attack, but he often made mistakes in defence. This significantly affected the transfer cost of the player. Its record figure was recorded in October 2020. Then the Englishman was estimated at 110 million euros. But he can return to these indicators. It is enough to spend another good season.

Sadio Mane: 85 million euros (-35 million)

It cannot be said that last season was unsuccessful for Mane. The Senegalese scored 11 goals in the Premier League and gave seven assists, which, in principle, is not bad for a winger. But this is less than in previous seasons when the player scored 18 and 22 goals each. The decrease in performance affected the player’s transfer value, which was a record in December 2019. Then Mane was estimated at 150 million euros. The Senegalese negatively assessed his performance last season and expressed hope to perform better in the new campaign. The beginning in the form of the first goal has already been laid. Mane is a hardworking football player, so that we can expect recent achievements from him soon.

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