Friday , 1 July 2022

Dejan Lovren Banned For His Social Media Attack On Spain

Dejan Lovren has posted a video on his social media according to where it seems like he is bragging regarding elbowing Sergio Ramos, the defender from Real Madrid. He has also made some hurtful comments regarding the team of Spain after the game. 

Dejan Lovren, the defender from Croatia has been banned from the international matches in regards to the comments that he has posted on his social media accounts about their opposition in the Nations League. In the meantime Ajax Amsterdam, the Maximilian Woeber defender and Thomas Mueller, the Bayern Munich forward is going to miss both matches of their respective team in the Champions League round 16 ties following their ban for 2 European games after getting a red card. Mueller is going to stay out of the game in the match against Liverpool, while Woeber is going to miss the game of this team with Real Madrid. Lovren had posted a video on his social media account that caused his ban. As a matter of fact, he is also known to have told the reporters that following the match, Spain had been rude on the field and that they are bad losers. UEFA has stated the Lovren has acted against the disciplinary rules that can penalize anyone if they violate or insult the basic rules of decent behavior. He has been suspended from the next competition of Croatia in the UEFA that is the 2020 Euro qualifiers at their home ground Azerbaijan.

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