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Confederation Cup match result: Brazil: 4, Italy: 2

The tournament Confederation cup which is considered as the warm up tournament of FIFA World cup 2014 is set to find one more winner. Brazil has occupied top position in group A of the cup. The match was between Brazil & Italy in which Brazil team beat Ital by the score 4-2. It is interesting to note that Brazil is not beaten by Italy in this tournament since last 30 years. Italy has won its 4 matches out of six & the remaining 2 were draw.

The Match result details of Brazil & Italy

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In the Fonte Nova stadium of Brazil, Fred has scored 2 goals for home team. Fred’s first goal was scored in 66th minute & his second goal was scored in 89th minute. Dante has scored the goal at just the end of the first half (45th min.). The superstar which is recently signed by Barcelona who is Neymar has scored his goal in 55th min. For team Italy, Emanuele Giaccherini made the first goal in 51st min. & the second was scored by Giorgio Chiellini in 71st mnute.

With this win Brazil has got 9 points & it is at the top position in the Group A. Italy after losing its match with Brazil & has to satisfy with 6 points in the cup. It was decided that to make a 1st position, Brazil has closed the game with minimum of draw match. But Brazil has won that match comfortably.

Brazilians were not happy, though, & said that they wasted no time in retrieval their lead. A minutes later, obtaining a free-kick during a smart position outside the Italian space, Neymar stepped up to twist an incredible shot into the so much corner that deceived Gianluigi Buffon. It created the score 2-1 during a game that was progressively breathless.

Italy swarmed forward in search of associate degree equalizer & they might have had a fine chance to realize it. Balotelli’s strength was being place to smart use for his hold-up play, to that Dante Alighieri reacted by trucking the striker of AC Milan down within the space. The referee, however, waved play on, abundant to the fear of the Italians.

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