Monday , 17 January 2022
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“clubs should pay their employees higher wages”

Clubs should pay their employees higher wages

The Premier League has found itself in a very unpleasant situation because its clubs pay low wages to their employees. Some sources revealed that a great number of matchday staff members have found themselves on the breadline.

As the charity Citizens UK told, notwithstanding the fact Premier League clubs managed to earn $5,09 the previous year, but approximately 42% of all employees in clubs, as well as facilities, are currently earning below the Real Living Wage.

The organization informed that only 4 Premier League clubs, including Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham as well as Everton have accepted the so-called Living Wage Foundation, which means that they are ready to pay all employees as well as any third-party contract staff an hourly fee $10,90 and also $12,78 in London, which exceeds the statutory amount of $9,94. As for other football clubs beyond the Premier League, including Luton, they pay higher wages too.

The head of the charity, Matthew Bolton told that the clubs have had a lot of time to have this issue resolved. Instead, they have to start another football season with staff members at 16 clubs receiving awfully low wages. Unfortunately, the clubs prefer spending record gains on their players.

The official added that they are currently trying to make Premier League football clubs join the generous initiative of Chelsea, Everton, West Ham as well as Liverpool and finally start paying decent wages to all employees.

One of the cleaners currently employed at Manchester United’s Old Trafford willing to remain anonymous told that he currently gets $9,44 an hour. As a result, he’s currently struggling to support his family. What’s more, the cleaner has to opt for cut-price meals.

“clubs should pay their employees higher wages”

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