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Caxirola sound instrument device

Caxirola, 2014 FIFA World Cup Percussion Instrument By Brown

Brazilian Singer, Song writer and Record Producer Carlinhos Brown has introduced a new sound instrument named Caxirola for FIFA World Cup 2014 for football fans. It is  a percussion instrument [an instrument which produces sound by being struck by a beater] manufactured with plastic & filled with synthetic plastics to produce sound. On 27th of September 2012, Brazilian Ministry of Sports declared it the official instrument for Brazil World Cup. But there are some restrictions for Caxirola. To know more about it, just continue your reading.

Who is Founder of Caxirola?

Caxirola sound instrument device Carlinhos Brown introduced the new device for football fans who are becoming part of 2014 FIFA World Cup. In last world cup of Brazil, fans enjoyed vuvuzelas in South Africa. That instrument faced lots of controversies which includes health disease & public safety. During its launch, Carlinhos Brown said, “The Caxirola respects the sound limit. It reproduces sounds of nature, of the sea, because of that, we worked with the best acoustic engineers so that the sound was nice, pleasant.” To head sound of Caxirola, click here: Listen Sound During opening of “O Olhar que Ouve” festival, this instrument was presented in front of fans. The Brazilian president Dilma Roussef tested it  & after testing, he claimed that Caxirolas are more beautiful than vuvuzelas.

Caxirolas are not allowed into Stadium during world cup matches

Some controversies are also linked with it. This new sound producing device is heavy in weight than vuvuzela and it could be used as a weapon during world cup matches. On 28 April 2013, fans were allowed to take this sound producing instrument into stadium. That was one of the big match played between Bahia and Vitoria. The supporters of Bahia threw hundreds of Caxirolas on Arena Fonte Nova ground and the reason was Bahia’s 1–5 loss against Vitoria. Therefore, the Brazilian Minister of Justice confirmed that it will be not allowed in Brazil competition which includes 2013 Confederation Cup and 2014 FIFA World Cup. Football fans can take it anywhere they want except into match stadium where this instrument is strictly prohibited. The biggest football competition begins from 12th of June & the host nation has completed almost all preparations. Safety of footballers and football fans is the first priority of Brazilian Sports ministry. This is the reason why Caxirolas are banned to take them into stadiums.

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